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“This model is a 20′ container that is built out to be used for full time living, a guest room or as an air bnb / vacation rental to generate additional income. The unit is designed with the highest quality material and completed by master craftsman. This unit can be placed on a permanent foundation as an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) to a main home or it can be placed on a trailer which will classify it as an RV (You’d be able to place the unit anywhere you could place an RV).”

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  1. Ok wait wait wait… This lady dreamt of putting a metal *20 ft* shipping container in a sweltering desert.

    Hauled-in water. No sewerage. 3 kids. No kitchen. Migraine-inducing heat. . . Amen to you sister.

    • Oooooh they’re living large, don’t let your perceptions fool you. The technology that goes into these projects, you can be in the middle of a desert and as cool and hydrated as can be or in the middle of a set of snowy mountains, cozy and warm. The toilet is a composite toilet, likely a Nature’s Head and they’re phenomenal. No smell, no mess unless you get your composting medium everywhere. When you go to dump it, it’s not what it originally began as. They’re good. They could’ve build a water collection system, too, collecting water from the air and likely added a decent amount to their resources. This seriously is an oasis.

  2. From what I’m learning is there are limits on where one can place any “off grid” tiny homes, seems most are mid west I.E Az., Nevada…. it looked like a flush toilet so are they hauling gray water too? It would be a cost just to get them out there because you can’t tow with traditional tow vehicles. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge supporter of tiny living and hope to do so myself in the near future hence the research for past few years. A lot to think about. Also, not wanting to overspend on build and have limited resale value. I would like to have seen more of a tour of this home, seems they kept going over the same living spaces. I don’t think they live there FT, it’s profit for them with the Airbnb which is cool but like so many have mentioned in other videos the market is growing for those who have $$$ and not helping those who are on a tight or fixed budget. I want to see more of those builds. Not to say I want to skimp on quality. You should and can put quality in tiny builds on a meager budget. Look at some of the van builds from DIY channels. Kudos to people not afraid to think and live outside of the box so to speak. LOL

  3. Really? Luxury?
    I wouldnt expect such video from Tiny House Listings.
    Dont know why u covered it ,especially with such title.

  4. Really wanted to see the other container. That had to have been their living quarters. Kitchen, living room, storage etc. Bummer.

  5. I went to look for this listing in AirBnB…couldn’t find it. So, I went to the owner’s Instagram page, and learned that their hard work, their investment, was ruined by thieves in Joshua Tree. I feel so bad for them. This world is full of crappy, wicked, jacked up people that don’t give a damn about morals and prey on other people’s projects/hard work. So upsetting.

    • I know right? At first, when I watched this video, I thought “what a really cool idea and neat accommodation for those who want to experience Joshua Tree this way. But then I thought, wait, who is “keeping on eye” on this place? How safe is this place? Well, thieves were watching this place obviously. We have to be really careful.

  6. These builders did an amazing job!!!! I’m in Canada otherwise I would be definitely getting my tiny home built by them from a container. 😊

  7. I don’t know how hot it gets in Joshua NP and for how long, but why not use a roof / covered patio to more substantially shade the container? It’s going to heat up, which will require all the more power to cool inside. The sail (why black that absorbs the energy and turns it into heat???) awning won’t help much. I wouldn’t want to live in the desert in this setup. But the star-gazing at night must be nice.

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