1. I like a toilet next to the bed providing you live alone. Can put up blinds themselves. Can hang clothes across from W/D wall. Afterall they will be putting or building their own conner next to stove and probably cabinets underneath. Can have a screen porch on one side and a deck on the other side of French doors.

  2. Hello, very nice custom build. Love the green color, can you tell me what the brand and name of it is please? Looking for a green like that for my house. TIA

  3. 👋Large door off bedroom and no bathroom privacy? Id like to see this when they move in. Can you follow up with them when they get set and moved in? I can see someone who lives on a beach where they surf or whatever to need the wet room. The washroom would double for bedroom expansion such as for clothes etc. I dont get the large door off the bedroom?

  4. The toilet is open and right next to the bed? Lovely smell to lay your head next to when you go to bed at night.

  5. I like all the wood. I don’t like that you can’t walk around the bed when it’s down. To each his own, though. I’m sure they’ll love it all.

  6. 3/4/2024 You should date and name this house because it will probably be asked for in the future and ‘what do you call that?’ 8′ foot wide is probably easier to move. This would be perfect if it were only 20′ feet long and joined together with a covered deck (super strong plastic, rain proof, hail proof, made for growing vegetables inside). It would be easier for the 20′ feet long to move down the road and locate on smaller pieces of property. This could help save 8 billion people and 8 billion pets! This could have helped save about 100 people from freezing to death when the grid went down in Texas (the wood burning stove). For millions with joint pain: the company called ‘Fosterry’ finally mailed me my sandals and they turned out to be worth the wait (about two months). They have three inch wide velcro straps; they have strong, thick soles that help lower fatigue from joint pain while doing the dishes, etc.; they are great for allowing the toes, etc., to really breathe; they are great with the diabetes socks called ‘medipeds’ (great for super wide feet) that help keep the sandals cleaner. This sandal would be perfect if it were made out of ‘man made materials’ vs. leather. ‘Fosterry’ also sells a mesh covered sandal that is good for people (both are men’s shoes for size ten, wide) with a more narrow ‘normal’ sized foot. Best Wishes to All

  7. I used to work at Depot.
    We sold that utility sink.
    And like you I always thought it would be nice to use it in some sort of Tiny Living setup.
    It looks good and just makes sense.

  8. I see you’re doing semi trailers now. Guess those ugly ass box “house” isn’t showing right now as well. But you still went cheap with teeny windows, seriously..?

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