Cute Tiny House Parked in a Tiny Home Village

Take a tour of “” a House, one of the ten currently parked at Mt. Hood Village. Built by Tiny .


DRONE SHOTS: Jonathan Benabed


  1. That is a cute house! Reminds me of yours a little although yours has the coolest stairs! loving that village I think next time I am in Portland I will stop by on my way to Mt hood! Thanks for sharing now I want to rewatch your other videos from the village! 😉

    • You might have to reserve a spot to come check it out. They have so many people stopping by every day, it’s restricted to renters and campers only. Gated resort.

  2. Which Mt. Hood Village Tiny House is your favorite: Zoe, Scarlett, Lincoln or Atticus? If you’re not sure, you might want to review the tours in my playlist.

  3. Thanks! I see why it’s so popular nice vacation spot was thinking of staying at timberline couple nights but always wanted to check out a tiny house! Love your videos hope y’all have a great weekend!

  4. These are hard to find.And if they’d build ones for older people who don’t want to be around druggies and wish to be alone. They have great people living in gated trailer park’s.I can save 20,000 for a 7.000$ home.And a good piece of acreage of land.But I am not buying one to pay,for people to come empty the contents of my stomach.I am getting serious about it.And I’m cool with the actual original tiny homes.And not cabooses or creative ways on how to turn a aluminum warehouse into a living space. I am not knocking it.But please know the difference.They are throwing everything in the same category.But I give anyone credit&real respect,who has a vision and follows through,building designs are another laungaue. Well done

  5. Will you do a tour of the property? And talk about some of the requirements for parking your tiny house there? It would be neat to see how everything is laid out!

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