Darling Tiny Houses with Transforming Furniture at Tiny Estates

Bringing you 2x tours from , a resort community in Elizabethtown, PA! ?BUT first, we tour The Chairmen, a luxurious 10′ wide with transforming island/dining room table. AND The Adventurer, aka the Kevin Hart House (https://www.booking.com/hotel/us/kevin-harts-tiny-house-with-big-personality.html), a darling tiny design with a roomy loft and ; built by .

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? For us, tiny living is all about living consciously, living simply and living in harmony with our surroundings to create more abundance on personal and community levels. And it’s our ticket to adventure!


    • These are only for rent, at least for now, but I recognize the model as one built by Blue Sky Tiny Homes LLC (Evansville, IN)… It’s their Luxury Blue Heron model…

      They’re a custom builder, so they can either build something similar or exactly like it… Here’s a tour video by the builder…


      At the time it was going for $75K but that was as it was configured… Different choices would mean different price and the version done for the Chairman may not be the same price but that’ll give you an idea of the range it can cost from them for something this size…

      Extra wide tiny houses tend to cost more because everything has to be custom from the trailer on up but they’ve more recently done a 20′ x 8′ 6″ THOW for $38K… So prices will vary depending on the design…

      Mind, though, much of the construction will be similar to residential houses for this builder… They don’t seem to generally cater to those who will travel a lot. So if ordering from them, add that to the design choices if you need it easily movable without needing to store everything and tie and tape everything down before each move…

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