DIY 2 Bedroom All Season Alaska Cabin – Shed Styled Tiny House


Rodney and Marcel built an adorable cabin in Alaska with their pup named Bobby. The tiny home measures 24×24 with a beautiful porch that extends in the front. The modern kitchen has a full-size fridge, /oven, microwave, and extensive counter space. They installed gorgeous live edge open shelving and allowed light to shine through multiple windows. The spacious has a full shower, toilet, and dense storage vanity. There are two separate bedrooms with ample space and unique artwork from Marcel!

Shot by: @theaveragebrad
Edit by: @vanlifemedia

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Tiny House Kitchen
03:30 Tiny House Living Room
04:57 Why a Tiny House in Alaska
06:07 Tiny House Bedroom
07:37 Tiny House
08:25 Building a Tiny House
10:11 Tiny House Exterior
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  1. Sinve hot air rises isn’t it difficult to heat with high ceilings? Would like closet by front door and as you mentioned a closet in second bedroom. Especially since there doesn’t appear to be room for a dresser etc.

  2. Making money an action. Keeping money is a behavior, but “Growing money with an investment is wisdom” I figured this out a week ago.

  3. Really love the house design. 24’x24’=576′ (but a little less because of wall space) so bigger than a tiny house which I actually like. A tiny house would probably feel cramped to me. I would make the bathroom vanity bigger though to make makeup, hair straightening, sunscreen… easier. I guess it’s not a “full sized” vanity for me lol.

  4. Lol I have the same bathroom sink set up. The faucet is different. So easy to clean. Great choice. Love the cabin very nice. Just lovely comfy is what it tell me. It need a fire place or wood stove or something with fire. Lol just to give it that much more of a comfy warm feeling. Eh that’s up to you when and if you decide to you grade. You have propane you could pull off a propane fire place. Either way it’s a lovely home. Out door living space for warm weather and of course fall and spring when it still warmish. Good luck. Your lucky to have this to either live in when you retire or rent it out. Who ever gets to stay there is very lucky. To see a moose walk across the yard has to be so cool. When I lived in my house I got to see black bear and deer. Deer are boring unless you see the babies playing them it really funny

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