DIY 4×4 Ambulance Tiny House W/ Shower Toilet & Hot Tub – Overlanding Rig


Chris & Michelle are a couple that can really get after it and gets it done! This amazing 4×4 ambulance conversion is one of the budget Overlanding rigs I have ever seen! Not only do they have an incredible interior design, but they also have all of the bells and whistles go with it. From their self-regulating water to their DIY tub set up, this rig is truly one of a kind!
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  1. Awesome build! Love the attention given to cold weather freeze protection! We are just beginning our build and face the same cold weather issues as we are in Washington near Idaho. Trying to avoid propane and use only diesel. Should be fun.

  2. Seems an ambulance conversion is best because it contains a great amount of store outside in the rectagular box format. Love the tub outdoor is fscinating and romantically wild.

  3. That stove and fridge is awesome!!! I always think it’s funny that people shower outside and poop inside….I’m like I’d rather do the opposite hahhaahab

  4. Wow! I have watched 100’s of conversions of a variety of vehicles. Your ambulance conversion is ‘hands-down” , the best one EVER! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I did not catch how tall they are but remember that ambulances typically have low interior roof heights to begin with (& that is before you add any additional insulation).

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