DIY School Bus w/ Large Kitchen & Living Area


Mandi and Mike self- a 1991 School bus into a beautiful tiny home on wheels. This rig has a massive with a three-burner stove/oven, a large fridge, and ample counter space made of a butcher block. They installed a couch that pulls out into a spare bed and lifts for extra storage. 

The exterior has a huge under-storage, an 8x12ft deck, and a fold-down table connected to the rig’s side. In the back is a bed with an adorable reading nook, a dresser, and a small bookshelf. Both of them work remotely, so it was necessary to have multiple workspaces, including a creative desk that can adjust from sitting to standing height. The bathroom is outstanding, with a stand- shower with a skylight overhead and a 4ft tub for soaking! 

Shot by: @sagetraveling
Edited by: @sagetraveling

00:00 Introduction
00:33 Skoolie
02:46 Skoolie Living Room
06:23 Why Buslife
07:35 Skoolie Cab/Driver
09:01 Skoolie Bathroom
11:34 Skoolie Office
15:13 Skoolie Bedroom
17:23 How they Afford Nomad Life
19:15 Skoolie Exterior
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  1. That is one long bus! Did I miss the length? One of the most loveable, livable rigs. Golden Award for Best Bathroom!!! Being forced to slow down and stay parked for few weeks at a time isn’t all bad… Love Phineas, Irwin’s eyes, the decor, and size of the bus. You are the only one who gave info on cost of internet access while traveling. Thanks for being honest. Enjoy, good luck, safe travels.

    • Good question! In his old age he has lost his vision, and the zip ties let him know when he’s close to a wall so he doesn’t run into things and hurt himself.

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  3. I love this even for a old woman like me! I’ve seen some of this country so I’d probably stay in a park. That being said, it’s a lot of technology for me and the roof deck would be unnecessary for me. I love everything else ! I love the mom touches especially ❤️
    You two did a wonderful job. Love the bathroom except I’d want a walk in tub( I have always wanted one). Perfect size. If I stayed in a park I’d want a TV but that’s about it.

  4. It’s fantabulous.. nice and sweet home having all the amenities with good storage area. Mike and Mandy your home is beautiful 😊😊😊 congrats for your best design and hard work !!!

  5. SO nice to see you and Phineas, Mike (as well as “meet” Mandy). You guys did a spectacular job on the bus and the video. Happy travels!

  6. Wow, just wow! The level of planning and thoughtful living is at a 10! Such incredible work and passion in this one! Way to go you two!

    • They are zip ties attached to his collar. Phineas went blind this past summer so they help not run into walls in the bus. 🙂

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