DIY Tiny House TOUR: College Student Gets Evicted from Boulder Backyard

Meet David, a and future astronomy teacher. He built a charming and super functional tiny house, as way to embrace and offer while he works towards his degree. For 6 months he was parked peacefully in a backyard. Housing in , CO, is extremely expensive and in short supply. Recently a code violation was served, and David was asked to vacate his tiny house within 30 days…
🏡👉Now his tiny house is currently in storage. David and his neighbors are working with the City of Boulder to create a temporary allowance for non-conforming structures, like tiny houses on wheels. The hope is this will lead to a new zoning ordinance within the next couple of years.

✊You can help advocate for the legal acceptance of tiny houses by joining the AND working with your city to change local zoning laws.

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  1. At the risk of going against the trend, I think you have missed something. The “rules” or bylaws were in place BEFORE you built your home. If you had complied with them, you would not have a problem now. I have sympathy for you, but there was a right way to do this, and you chose to ignore it. What you now face is the consequences. There are no rights without the corresponding responsibilities.

  2. Pls keep us updated on David’s situation. David, I love what you have done. It’s all about the money first, people last! I hope you find land to support you and your dreams. Best of luck.

  3. David, power to you! I’m impressed on what you have done and what you continue to do. Hope you are able to change these ridiculous laws and regulations. Keep the faith!

  4. 👍😍I love his tiny house.
    ☝️🤨What happened to him and others is VERY VERY WRONG. You have someone with a house and you make them homeless in the name of new construction, big corporations, ordinances and the almighty dollar!! A dang shame!!! 😡

  5. I know what I am about to say sounds crass but…I would bet that if the other home that you are land/garden sharing with was Not a “Trailer”, and looked more like your home there would not have been an issue! Unfortunately in our “PC” world people are SO afraid to call it like it is…The truth be told if you were getting ready to lay out a couple hundred thousand dollars on a new home, Personally I would not buy next to a trailer park! Your friends home looks like something inexpensive and kind of cheap next to your nice home. If they want to live in a “trailer” then either buy your own land in the country OR move to a “trailer park”. I am sorry to see you having to go through the eviction due to your neighbor.
    What happens is that scum bag Attornies mar the lines in court…saying things like “my clients home is the same size…blah, blah, blah….then you hear, it is not fair that my client is discriminated against because this is all they can afford.
    Well if you agree with my last statement “LEAVE AMERICA AND MOVE TO A SOCIALISTIC COUNTRY LIKE CHINA”! You will be VERY happy there!

  6. yeah, it was the developer. Tiny homes don’t add value to the area, which is what they want to increase for their own profits. I don’t blame them on that end, it’s essentially a trailer park. Some look fantastic & too many become shitholes.
    If it’s a solid, good community, I’d fight them & noisily. Take it to the council. Bring good footage/photos of the tiny house community to show them.
    I honestly would love a tiny house community near me – if it weren’t full of drunken hippies, but responsible folks – which it looks like here. Love the gardens!

  7. There called posers bro! Like people who wear thrasher shirts don’t even know where it comes from! They get their Brand new Northface jackets every year and never see a mountain in their own backyard! And put stickers on their water bottles!! 😂 When I rock my 5 year old Northface 14,000 feet in the air! Fudge them! With sarcastic love!!

  8. A young man who is being penalized for doing everything right. How many dorm rooms or or student housing would be that clean and taken care of that well?

  9. You might check with a mobile home park. We are building a “tiny house” for retirement and we are going to live in a section that is set up for RV’s. We are listing our home as an RV and not a “mobile home or tiny house” so we can stay in one of their 12 lots. Try that if you can so that you can at least live cheaply and comfortably. Hopefully you can find something. Good luck and definitely try the attorney noted below by another supported. I agree with you absolutely!!!! Take care!!!!

  10. Is there any kind of motor home/ trailer park you can rent a space at? I know it’s not the best but you would be able to stay in your home.

  11. In the next 40 years, America will probably grow by about 100 million people. That is what happened the last 40 years. Teens and young adults need to learn all they can about the tiny house movement and eco communities around the world. Ideally, those like David above should run for public office. He should consider taking down that ‘violation’ sign from his wall because it probably encouraged someone (evil) to get rid of him. Ideas for David and his peers: design brief fliers about the parking situation you want. Distribute them to people you know, people similar to you, and ask them to give the fliers to their friends (your first name, e mail, phone #); do the same with religious organizations you are comfortable with. Families with long flat driveways should consider renting to David at the lowest price possible. Maybe David could teach cooking, gardening, skiing, wood working, solar panel system basics, general school homework tutoring. Of course he will have to limit this to specific hours, mostly on weekends, so as not to get behind with his own homework. Similar students should band together to form their own Montessori K-12 schools and elder care communities. There are You Tube videos about intentional eco communities that share a cafeteria and dinning room every night. There is a huge age spread, kids and elderly comment on feeling safer and healthier than where they lived in the past. Another idea is to have every city designate a tiny house community located next to a senior center, where the two work together to get all the chores done. One solution might be to get the city to designate a high rise parking garage to the tiny house, RV, and van dwelling community. The same problem is occurring in almost every city, college and university of America and around the world. It is one of the main reasons for young couples to try to limit your family size to one or two children – because every house or apartment building used to be some kind of virgin nature, a forest, a farm, etc. In fifty years their probably won’t be much nature left to enjoy. And that translates to polluted air and water everywhere. Even if you are excellent parents, your children and grandchildren might rebel (many often do) and choose to live the opposite life style and values. It is better to focus your teaching on the children and teens who are already here and want to learn vegan cooking, gardening, careful building design/materials, solar panel systems, etc. than to bring in new babies who have a 50/50 chance of having zero interest in these pursuits. October 22, 2018

  12. This is a great design for a very tiny, tiny house. I would think that, just like a camper, these could be parked in anybody’s back yard or driveway. Isn’t there somebody in the vicinity who’d rent a little space to this young man?

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