DIY Tiny House With Amazing Loft Hammock

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Built by friends Whit and Cody, this home on wheels has lots of space saving design features, clever transforming furniture and even a giant which spans the two sleeping lofts!

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  1. Lots of people don’t like seeing paid promotions on their creators videos and I totally understand why. What I would like you to understand though, is that if it wasn’t for paid promotions like this, these videos wouldn’t be possible at all. I literally live on the road traveling and making these videos for you all. The cost that goes into making videos like this is enormous and adsense or youtube red revenue alone wouldn’t allow for this show to be made. If you don’t like seeing sponsored content but appreciate the show, I would ask you to consider supporting us on Patreon instead. If enough of my viewers supported me there, these promotions wouldn’t be needed. – If you don’t want to support me on Patreon then all I ask is that you view these promotions as companies who support my efforts on the road and make this whole show possible. They are only on a handful of videos after all.

  2. This is really boxy…not a homey shape. I’d prefer a peaked roof with lots of dormers or better yet a curved roof with maybe dormers. These PoMo all squares , no curves never feels relaxing or like a great home to me. Natural spaces have curves.
    There are good design ideas like the dining tables / beds… . Beautiful floor.

  3. Well done on getting some paid promotion! I wish their product was a bit more related to what this channel is about. But still, good job and keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Three sky lights! Amazing. I love this build! How much do you get if I downloaded that game about Vikings? I’d rather pay it straight to an account for you. You are the only Tiny House show that I always watch. Seriously, you only show value and your passion for tiny homes is contagious!

  5. I appreciate everything that you do! I created a playlist specifically for saving my favorite tiny house ideas, so that I have references for if/when I build my own. Someday I hope I can meet you and show you my own tiny house!

  6. The Smeg fridge is pretty cool and goes well with the lathe art. The aesthetic has a retro vibe with both rustic and modern clean line elements.

  7. The taller guy looks and sounds like Benjamin Bratt. Lovely house and even lovelier guys, very down-to-earth. As always, great video, Bryce.💚

  8. Bryce, I hope you find some awesome brand partnerships and profit from your channel! You have been so generous in sharing this content with everyone – Thank you. PLEASE feel free to profit a bit from it and put the haters on notice!

  9. You look tired and tense on this video Bryce, maybe it’s just the light though. I hope you’re doing okay. Thank you and your channel for showing us all those tiny houses, it really astonishes me how unique all of them are ! A lot of great ideas I keep track of for when I start thinking about my own tiny house 🙂

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