Dream Tiny House Built For A Young Family

David Latimer of New Frontier Tiny Home builds some seriously beautiful homes. He featured a here on The Listings channel awhile back called The Alpha that garnered millions of views. Like The Alpha, The Escher has a garage-style door that folds up to let a huge amount of space inside. The home sits on a gooseneck trailer and has a bedroom space for the parents and also a bedroom for their young child. As you’ll see in the video, there are some seriously-custom, seriously-beautiful features featured throughout the entire house. It’s awesome to see a home where so many details and attention to detail were implemented throughout the build.

Built by : https://www.newfrontiertinyhomes.com

Tiny homes listed for sale and rent daily: http://tinyhouselistings.com

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  1. Soon your american goverment will not make this happen
    Or already in some state that already banned this tiny house type

    Even camp in your own land is illegak
    Funny rules by goverment that ran like corporate company

  2. This is sheer luxury! This by far is the best tiny home I’ve seen. Despite the fact that it’s a small space it feels so warm and welcoming. The design is flawless! There is such a good use of all the space. I seriously love what you’ve done!

  3. You could have closed off the front part (that you didn’t like) and turned it into small storage space. Other than that it was nice.

  4. Cameraman sucked! He or she didn’t show a lot of the features of the home. Like the overhead door, the entire space of both bedrooms AND the bathroom. The cabinet fronts in the kitchen, the front room… A lot of the home was missed.

  5. Dear Cameraman,

    There is no need to follow the host into every space. Focus on giving a pan view as the person is talking while giving the viewers a better perspective of what they are looking at. Wide angle lenses help tons as well.


    Us all.

    P.s. This is GORGEOUS!

  6. the best criminal law case for pretty homes and mantles. so low. but butane and cans were better than a little rain on ugly 35 year old green carpet that needs replacing and white plantation shutters, love. to x husbands.

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