Dream Tiny House Sets The Bar For Elegance

Joshua Annis recently began beautiful tiny houses and this is no exception. It has FOUR skylights and as he mentions video, there are no shortcuts in the build. Please reach out to Roy with Tiny House Listings here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listings/luxury-tiny-house-with-sleeping-downstairs

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  1. Designers & builders – we love your passion, but take note of the comments which all reflect constructive criticism to provide you with insight into the mind of a potential customer – aka people who like the tiny house movement. Good craftsmanship by the way.

  2. Nice quality materials! Agree with commenter about adding a finished top to cabinets b/c they’re so visible. I like all those sky lights….just add a black out retractable shade that won’t interfere with egress in loft…you can get them in a push button getup with wifi now.

  3. The home looks good…but the videography is terrible im sorry…i couldnt watch the entire things as the camera was zooming all over

  4. Please come to the uk you can solve our housing problem for young people who need to move out of their parents place fantastic video

  5. $129,000 for a tiny house that uses high end materials, but is nothing special in design? No. What’s with not putting railings on stairs? Those stair risers are far too high. I see a major accident waiting to happen.

  6. Approximately $460/sf… is that an industry standard for tiny homes? That seems high to me given standard construction prices are well below that and there’s a greater potential return on investment. Tiny homes like these feel like they are built for a very niche crowd with plenty of disposable income. Aside from that, it’s a nice looking tiny home.

    • No, costs vary like anything else… Cars, phones, boats, planes, computers, etc. Everything ranges from budget to high end. So there’s no such thing as industry standard cost for everything, just targeted price points for different segments of the market.

      Construction costs also vary… Building a home that lasts maybe 30 years unless constantly maintained is going to cost a lot less than a home that is built to last over 500 years with little maintenance, for example.

      Even RV’s can range from just a few thousand on up to over $3 million…

      This is a niche range product but most are, even the low cost ones as there are always trade offs and reasons for the cost differences.

      Btw, cost per sq ft doesn’t scale linearly… It will tend to seem higher for smaller structures because it’s just an average that really only factors the size of the living space and total costs but doesn’t account for things like the high cost parts of a home, like the kitchen and bathroom, aren’t going to be as reduced as the low cost empty space parts of the home will be in smaller homes… So that makes the average go higher even when total costs are a lot lower…

      Besides, cost per sq ft also doesn’t tell you about build quality or really anything of import about the structure. It’s mainly a marketing tool for real estate agents to make properties seem like a better value but won’t tell you if you’re getting a good deal or buying a money pit…

      Understanding how the house was constructed, what went into it, how well it performs and how long it’ll last, etc. are what you really need to know to judge value…

  7. For 125,000 I can buy an actual house or RV. Secondly with all that glass I would be scared to move it. It doesn’t have the tiny house feel as well for me. But it does look great.

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