Dual-Lofted Tiny House Built For A Small Family

For sale here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listings/24-double-loft-tiny-house-on-wheels

“Beautiful 24’ tiny with 2 lofts that are cantilevered making the top length 30’. It has a large shower and flush toilet. Tiny is set up with standard RV hookups but could be converted to off grid with a couple changes.”

in Mesa, Arizona: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listings/24-double-loft-tiny-house-on-wheels

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    • I try so hard not to say negative things on here… but I have to agree with you. This takes the cake for being the worst Tiny House I have yet to see. Nothing against the builders… just, the layout is so boring & blah. 😕

    • Yes, beautiful herringbone wooden floors, wonderful contrasting dark EBONY framed windows, intelligent heating and ventilation, great galley styled kitchen etc. Ebony you might see Better if your vision wasn’t clouded By your competitiveness

    • +Jeff Harmed And you are the perfect example of why people do not like to comment w/their OWN opinion… b/c we get tired of the rude comebacks. Especially when it’s so easy to be nice & respectful. What a shame.

  1. Looks like an oversized tin can lid on top of a box. Bulky and awkward. Nothing new on the inside. The same old kitchen with the bath at the end. 🤷 Just meh to me.

  2. I think this project is great, tt allows a good space, makes corners useful (but not all of them, as in the bathroom) and leaves ample areas for whatever comes. Two lofts are better than third or fourth improvised beds downstairs. And it allows users to add the equipment of their choice. The beauty of a house is the happiness of the people inside it.

  3. Love the layout, especially the kitchen under the stairs! But I’ve got to say: what happened with the cladding? The outside is all white: a colour that optically widens and heightens any surface and the interior has three different kinds of wood and a black ceiling! It’s like you’ve put the inside on the outside. If you were to just use the pine for the floor and cabinetry and keep the walls and ceiling white, it would give the whole house an air of openness. The same goes for the kitchen: two different materials and colours, two kinds of handles, a tile backsplash…. There’s a lot going on that makes the space feel smaller than it is. I think in terms of finishes, you can’t do the things you’d do in a normal sized house. Keep it as light and simple as possible for the optimal feeling of roominess. That doesn’t mean you have to all of sudden adopt a clinically modern aesthetic with reflecting surfaces and so on. You can definitely add some country or rustic flair. The bathroom looks boxed in because of those akwardly placed beams and all that wood cladding. The loo is also akwardly placed. I’d turn it a quarter to the right and place it next to the sink. Why is so much space around the loo? Just my two cents.

    • Click the show more to expand the video description, it’s just below the video, and then click the link for the listing… It’s presently listed for $50K…

    • +ZeoCyberG
      50k…sadly Tiny houses were to be built affordable.. That lasted about 5yrs!!!!
      Then as usual a good thing went bad in my opinion.
      If someone could get back to basics do a tiny house for 15 to 20k with good workmanship..They could make a small fortune.
      I’ve been following Tiny houses for a decade or more.
      I have seen beautiful functioning Tiny homes from 17k to 25k. Some use reclaimed wood and it is beautiful after it is saw milled.
      So much could be re used and kept that is gorgeous. So sad really..it was originally part of the Tiny House world.

    • Susan Lee – Nonsense, the very low cost range was always minimalistic designs that people DIY build on their own with reclaimed materials but that still going on and never stopped!

      There’s just a lot of other options now on the market because there’s a lot of people with different needs, preferences, and need solutions to meet a wide range of situations and environments.

      Houses are not all equal and won’t all meet everyone’s needs equally or allow people to have the same range of lifestyles and options.

      So people just have to get rid of the notion that everything should be priced the same no matter what they’re actually getting or how it was made.

      Just like anything else cost will range from budget to high end, along with whether it’s DIY built or someone else is paid to build it…

      Examples of budget builders include companies like Houses Built Tiny LLC, Incredible Tiny Homes, Mini Mansions, Tiny Texas Houses, Core Housing Solutions LLC, and a number of others.

      There’s also other ways people can have a home built, besides just DIY but also other ways like co-operatives where people share resources and help each other build homes, or getting the market to the point that mass production can be used to bring costs down to a fraction of what it cost to do them one at a time, among other options.

      So there’s lots of options and choices, but it should be understood what the trade offs and costs will be for each of those options and choices.

      Tiny houses provide people the freedom to do it their own way and figure out solutions to their problems that can work better for them but it was never going to be a magic solution that solved all problems for them or make their choices irrelevant to the costs…

      Like having a home custom built is going to cost more… Even for RV’s, custom built can raise the costs into the hundreds of thousands on up into the millions. But people often choose custom because it gives them the most options, the highest quality, and the most control over what they end up with… So choice is a big reason over costs!

  4. This tiny house is somewhat similar to ours only ours is not on wheels. Ours is 12’ wide and 32’ long with 2 lofts. This allows the middle area to have high ceilings. Tiny house living isn’t for everyone but we love it. I would have preferred to see this video with someone explaining the interior a room at a time rather than the camera just roaming around. This house will look lovely when furnished and will feel roomy. Well done.

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