Dumpster Diving- Vintage Lionel Train Set MOTHERLOAD!

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders”, and author of “Microshelters”) take a look at a recent dumpster score he found outside Boston, MA- A HUGE load of vintage Lionel Trains (O Gauge), tracks, buildings, controllers, and more!


  1. I have a very similar train set in great condition with all working parts
    and original box…..years ago Contacted a hobby store and they were only
    going to give $50.00. I declined and just run it under my Christmas tree
    every year..

  2. HOW could someone just chuck that awesome collection? I guess that could
    be installed under a plexiglass floor in a micro house , with removable
    panels for the occasional derailment or reconfiguration!!! ; )

  3. The build quality on this old stuff puts modern crap to shame. That bridge
    looks almost 100yrs old due time and rust. Great score. Old stuff always
    puts a smile on my face.

  4. wire bruss and or motorized brush and later with a buffing wheel wouldnt
    hurt. may have to replace many of the pins . they could be cleaned too.

  5. Thank you for rescuing those treasures from the dumpster. Someone lovingly
    accumulated all those pieces & sadly they were dumped by possibly an heir.
    I also was into N & HO gauge trains as a kid (okay, as an adult too). Never
    liked Lionel that much because the scale was all over the place. I now see
    the beauty in their construction & durability. Not much plastic there. Good
    find, Deek!

  6. Appreciate the history and the nostalgia but I couldn’t make a profit on
    it. 3 hrs minimum, researching, taking photos, listing on Ebay or
    Craiglist. Craiglist meetup logistics pain in arse, worse Ebay nightmares.
    Restoration would take 200 hrs to do it right and not devalue the piece.
    Piece worth $30 not restored, you might clear $5 after you factor in your
    time, shipping, and listing.

  7. How about build a home for the homeless or mentally ill, for free, or for
    every 5 you build for the public, donate one to a homeless person.

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