Eco-Friendly Dome Home is Mexican Architect’s Dream of Green Tourism

This hotel located in , , offers an eco-friendly vacation accomodation alternative to the typically wasteful resort stay.


————– CREDITS —————
Villa Duendes would like to mention their team:
Architect: Diego Zamora
Operations Director: Lorena Aragon
Director of Maintenance: Mario Canul
Housekeeping & Kitchen Chief: Chistian May



Dallen Detamore
Jennifer Gonzalez
Jenna Spesard

Additional photography provided by: Villa Duendes


  1. Loved everything except the shell shower. It looks great, but who can have a cleansing & relaxing shower when you’re basically getting a a heavy stream like a hose, instead of a spray over a larger area.

  2. Uuuhhhhh Lovely.. I’d rent that all year around. Love Lorena’s Inner Light . Lots of Blessings to this place and it’s people and Tequila.

  3. I love those domes it wouldn’t have to be a dome I like the fluid style you could make with those materials! Would love to see how there made thanks for showing us that place!

  4. This is really neat. I love things that are different but with whats been going on in other counteries. I’m not to sure I’d feel safe there. Nice maybe to visit during the day but uh yah, NO.

  5. Nice tour of of a quaint little place. I’ve been seeing people build with the coiled sand bag method (sometimes called super adobe) since the 1970’s. But never executed in such a beautiful setting or with recycled glass bottle faucets and sea shell showers. Definitely not what comes to mind when you think of the Cancun area. Mexico is doing a fine job with unique small architectural getaways. Take a look at the little individual hillside rooms of Hotel Endemico in Mexico’s Guadalupe Valley wine country.

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