Eco Tiny House with UNBELIEVABLE View of Guatemala // tiny house tour



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  1. We use a clay pitcher here in Kolkata India… keeps the water cool and gives off an earthy smell.very tasty water.

  2. Very awesome very nice and open beautiful home I love the views that’s for sharing awesome videos have a magical day

  3. Such a cool little house!! You do an excellent job of describing things! I remember when you two drove a jeep with a tent on top and you explained everything well as you always do!! Beautiful scenery too!

  4. I love the look of your home. Guatemala is not for me. the problem is the language barrier.(.p.s.) use to live in MEXICO and had a (2) bed room house all utilities payed. (Except propane gas) for $200.dlls a month. But it’s not worth it at the end. Its to dangerous because you’re American a language barrier and grocery shopping

  5. That is a beautiful home. Thank you for such an inspirational tour. It gave me many ideas. I love reading books and I noticed the 200 small apartment ideas on the nightstand.

  6. You should enjoy your trip more. I’m watching a couple, traveling around the world on a boat and they only post twice a week. You both seem like great people and should enjoy life more. Still following though.I will be travelling around Australia soon myself. I can’t wait

  7. Is the roof insulated? wonder if the walls were built before the roof was wrapped? Anybody know the specs on that metal roof?

  8. Hi Kaley, I want to import this type of Tiny house to Europe.
    We need more homes for immigrants. Can you help me with more info or design info.

    Thx Nick

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