Ecocapsule aims at “anywhere-living” with own energy & water

Can off-grid, anywhere-living appeal the masses? The mobile dwelling gathers solar/wind energy, harvests/filters water. It shelters up to 2 comfortably and includes all essentials: kitchen, toilet, shower, folding bed, storage.

and Tomáš Žáček created the original design in 2014 for a client with a ranch who didn’t have the infrastructure for guest housing. They didn’t win the contract but were published worldwide and received requests from people to buy it. They spent 5 years turning their plans into a prototype.

Today they are selling their EcoCapsule – complete with shower and toilet, sleeping area for two, and kitchenette – to anyone looking to “stay in nature for a long time, for example, scientists, photographers, rangers or extreme tourists” or someone interested in installing one on a city rooftop. The pods are highly mobile: they can easily be pulled by a pickup truck or even airlifted by helicopter (for those rooftop needs).

The units capture sun energy () as well as their own rainwater (and grey and blackwater). There’s even an app-controlled smart-home system and sensors that help you monitor your energy and water use.

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  1. I don’t see what it delivers that a tiny caravan doesn’t.
    Always interesting to see something different though.

  2. Everything essential fits..except a fridge..but you can bring in a cooler…with a cooker and complete toilet en bath is a luxury 🙂

  3. I couldn’t understand why you spend that amount of money to build a tiny living units then depending on another vehicle to Transport to different places. The whole concept is not that eco if you involve the another fuel engine. What a Redundancy!

  4. I appreciate the innovation, but people are living in cars and vans. You’re better off designing an electric car/van/truck that people can live more comfortably in.

  5. Looks cool but very skeptical about the “eco” part. Looks like a toy for the richest. I mean, if i want to actual live in such a pod i would prefer a used shipping container which is retro-fitted.

  6. too small for the wider market, too pricy for the “tiny home” niche.

    really neat idea though. nice to see they’re still around, too.

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