Electrician Builds Off-Grid Van To Surf The World

For a dedicated surfer, few things in life are more important than chasing the perfect waves. For Johnny this meant converting a into an amazing on wheels which allows him to live and work full time, while traveling all over New Zealand in search of the best surf spots.

As an , he has installed a full solar system, allowing him to be off-the-grid and ensure that his home has power wherever he goes.

Read More: https://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/diy-off-grid-surfing-van/

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to is the freedom that it affords, not only in terms of location independence and travel but also in the financial savings which have allowed Johnny to work a more flexible schedule, and also travel the world to continue his adventures.

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  1. What a wonderful job Johnny did on that van; I am impressed and it makes me want to try the van life! Great video!

  2. This is 100% the direction the tiny house movement has moved towards. IMO this makes the most sense when choosing how to live.

  3. I’m already strapped to a house… maybe closer to retirement! I’ve heard rent close to 25k a year (outside NYC)! Ridiculous! The van is the way to go… no special licensing needed, it’s easier to repair than a bus and you don’t need a “dedicated” tow vehicle that gets shit gas mileage!?

  4. Great video, thanks Bryce. I have a 12ft Sprite caravan with the plan to do what Johnny is doing, what a fantastic lifestyle. His comments about staying at a campground during winter for hot showers and 230V is something I agree is a great idea, let’s say that’s four months, then you have eight to travel around. Can’t wait to see more of nz.

  5. Love the look of this van. Bryce, recently wondering what the people living in these spaces would improve/change if they had another go. Could you ask that question?

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