Ellen Degeneres Fan Lives in a School Bus to do Good Deeds

Randy renovated a into a traveling home, which she named Ellen DegenerBUS, after her hero . She plans on using the for good deeds.

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  1. I totally get the feelings of madness she’s talking about and how she pushes through it back to sanity. My own tiny house project has gone from being a 6 month to a year project to more like 2 years. The bus is cool and it’s true that the building is ever changing ever growing. Live free, live simple. Thanks Jenna.

  2. I just tweeted to Ellen. The bus is looking great Randy. So honored to call you a friend. Great video Jenna! Keep it up.

  3. So inspired. I was thinking of being a mobile barber when I get my tiny house finished! How is that working for you? I also want to make a USA tour with it while incorporating a fundraiser or awareness raiser for a cause like homelessness or for the nutritional needs of the homeless or impoverished. What other good deed doing have you been up to?

  4. It would be fun for this particular bus if the stop signs on it flipped out and had a “stop to smell the roses” motif on them.

  5. Everyone wants to be on Ellen’s show and get free Shutterfly money. They get thousands of examples of people like you who think they should be on the show and love Ellen maybe millions.

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