Engineer Builds Expandable TINY HOUSE for Retirement

Ray, a 57-year-old engineer, spent two years building a Tiny House with innovative slide-outs so that he can retire without a and age comfortably in the space.


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  1. Jenna…Great job (again). Please pass along to Ray. I’m in the THOW build process & looking to join a community. Honestly, I loved my 11 years in Oregon but I’m currently on the East coast. How can people get in touch? I’m a newly empty nest, single 54 yr old. My Twitter @DrChrisHE with same username on fb & LI.

  2. Wow. Ray did a Fantastic job on his house. All the ideas and special features and the bed and the…. LOVED IT! Thanks for showing this.

  3. You’ve got another 34 years till you can reach 65 and retire lol, its freedom 95 for you millennials thou LOL its freedom 85 for gen Xers like myself. That tiny house is really nice, being the guy is a retired engineer things are well thought out and designed, it has nice character.

  4. He just basically took his regular house and made it smaller. He’s not living large with less, or going minimal. He’s living regular, in a scaled down house. Very clever ideas, however.

  5. Ray, what about a “slide out” for the roof so as to do away with headless room in lofts? I understand the height limits if you are moving your tiny house down the road as it has to fit under overpasses, etc. But, once it’s in place, a “slide up” would eliminate the need to crawl around in a loft bedroom. Btw… I LOVE your home! Great job!

  6. Is he in West Virginia? I love his home. I like this concept of creating a “teeny” home to suit his retirement needs. And what a cute kitty!

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