Epic Off-Grid Van Conversion For Full Time Travel In Australia

This couple are living life to the fullest traveling all across Australia in an amazing converted van. The incredible continent has so much to explore, and this pair are seeing it all.

Demi and Eli took 9 months to convert their van into an ideal . The serves as a fully functioning home on wheels which allows them to travel full time all over Australia.

More Info: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/van-life-in-australia/

For this couple, is ideal, as they are able to live and work on the road, all while exploring their own back yard in a way that so few Australians ever will.

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  1. The Australian accent is so odd to me. A lot of R’s. “I can keep track of it too” turns into “Ir can keerp track orf irt toor.”

  2. So cute, but my suggestion on the bed length issue – though not sure if it’s feasible or not – make an extension that you can pull out and rest the mattress on the other way or a makeshift way you could stack pillows on top so you can stretch your legs out and when you’re done, roll it back in and fasten it so it doesn’t move…give yourself and hubby more leg room.

  3. She could design the outside of the van as well! Those patterns she drew were amazing, it would look so good on the outer surface of the van as well ?

  4. руки у ребят явно растут с нужного места…молодцы…прикольно уютно и комфортно…

  5. I want to live in a cozy stylish van like urs travel around the world anf enjog everymoment. Love u guys love ur van. Love that pull out deck and live plands. Hanni art and woodwork

  6. Would it be considered too dangerous to do this solo? I see a lot of couples but not a lot of single people living like this and I am curious.

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