Epic Tiny House California Kitchen- for cooking AND entertaining

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In this clip, Joshua and Shelley Engberg show us their gorgeous kitchen- in their home on wheels based outside of San Francisco, California. These two will ALSO be guest speakers at our upcoming hands-on Diedricksen Brothers Workshop in Joshua Tree, CA in March (2018).



  1. Opening up those widow’s into the house with no screens invites every insect for miles around to live with you. Unless where you live has no flies or mosquitos or beetles or moths or spiders or bees.

  2. Nice little house and the kitchen counter a lot of space but I stayed on my hunger because you did not show the rest of the house those to tease us that well done because you know we’re going to ask to see the rest of the tiny house.

  3. Good for crying out loud kill the music please don’t add music to your videos it’s too overwhelming I want to hear what you have to say I don’t care about your crappy jazz music

  4. It’s funny how many of you are complaining about how they didn’t show the rest of the house. Did any of you actually read the title of the video???

    • Yes, we can read. We STILL want to see the rest of the house and don’t appreciate being manipulated into buying their book.

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