1. hey there loving the idea of this series its got lots of useful information! do you guys in nelson do consultation and design for peoples builds they are undertaking themselves?

  2. Good focus on safety and usage. If you lop your fingers off, you probably won’t be as energized to build a house as if you had them.

  3. Looking forward in to the series, the best part is tips and tricks, for self tought carpenter like myself its priceless

  4. Thanks for the video and good luck with your project!
    I would feel better about supporting your kickstarter if the video series would just be bought and paid for with the kickstarter and afterwards just going to be available free on youtube. That way more people can enjoy it in the end. Just my personal opinion 🙂

  5. Nice video, very informative. Oh by the way there is a framing square hanging on the wall behind you. Looks like there might be a second one hanging on the side of the bench to your right (viewers left) as well. You mentioned that you didn’t have one in the video. 🙂

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