Ex-Ambulance Converted Into Beautiful Off-Grid Camper

If you think life might be for you, then this is an incredible that you need to see! This has done a remarkable job in turning an ex-ambulance into a stunning home on wheels. Read more: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/ex-ambulance-camper/

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  1. That is easily the prettiest van conversion I’ve seen. Absolutely gorgeous.
    And they must have gotten really lucky in their finds to do it on such a
    low budget; that’s quite impressive.

    And I do agree that not being able to grow more of your own food is a big
    sacrifice; it’s why I’m only considering a van for trips, at some point in
    the future, and not permanent living.

  2. Its my dream to have a van like this and run an online/mobile on the go
    business selling natural medicines and tinctures. One day.. :-)

  3. It would always be good to know a bit more about the people, too: How do
    you work/afford to travel a whole year and why. Maybe not everyone wants to
    tell, but it would just be interesting to know.

  4. Such a beautiful nurturing space. And speaking of hitting the road, please
    give update/status of your tiny home!! Also hope to see more videos from
    your trip to Japan. Thank you for all your videos, I look forward to every

  5. lovely, the 2 main issues it has tackled, energy and bathroom which are
    needed for humans. and was quite cheap ,they must have travelled all of new
    Zealand and enjoyed every bit of of with out worrying about rent etc,,

  6. Absolutely the most creative redo on a van. Love it. That wood work is
    amazing. They are quite talented. I bet they will have the best year in
    that beautiful van

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