Exploring WEIRD Joshua Tree, CA- Shipping Container Tiny House +Burning Man Festival “Tree House”

We have ANOTHER Joshua Tree hands-on building workshop coming up (with camping, AND a group cabin build!- like is below), but last time out there (there is so much to see and do near JT and Twentynine Palms), we stumbled across this dual shipping container tiny house AND a cool “tree house” like sculptural structure at the Art Queen Alley gallery near the Joshua Tree Saloon “downtown”. Both are free to see and within about a mile or two of each other. (Exploring WEIRD Joshua Tree, CA- Shipping Container Tiny House +Burning Man Festival “Tree House”)

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  1. Checking the “lander” out on a clear full moon night would be pretty cool. A meteor shower watch would be neat too.
    Suggestions for cheap wood source to do horizontal siding like that container house?

    thanks for posting

  2. Is it safe to leave a small shack or camper or something like that out there unattended? Did you leave the van there? I’ve never been out there. I currently live off grid on 10 acres in North Carolina, but I’d love to have a place to camp/live out near Joshua tree for a few months out of the year…I just don’t know if leaving any kind of structure there for months would be safe. Thanks so much! Love your channel! Been watching for years!

  3. Really enjoying the weird stuff/locations. I would love to just drive all around the US stopping at all these funky places! (adding this one to my list)
    Thanks for bringing us along for the fun.

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