Exquisitely Handcrafted Eco Tiny House

This is a craftsman’s dream. There is such a high level of work that has gone into constructing every detail of this home. The construction is also completely with all items of the build being locally and sustainably sourced.

It’s not often you come across a tiny house, or indeed any house for that matter that has been finished to such an incredibly high standard as this home. Perhaps even rivalling the homes execution, is it’s design with every inch being cleverly and effectively utilised.

Better still, this home is designed to take full advantage of being on wheels and is designed for easy transportation.

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  1. Definitely the best tiny house I’ve seen up to now. The chap that built it is so relaxed and chilled. I wish I had something like this!

  2. wow wow.. very greatly designed i love everything about it,this inspires me to push my tiny dream house .. i will take note the materials especially that in the bathroom.. thanks Bryce for sharing..

  3. That is an absolutely beautiful tiny house. I love all the wood and the dark stain. I have considered doing that in my own tiny house, except that it would make it very hard to have well lit. On the one side the dim and rustic log cabin feel can be very romantic, but it can also be dreary and depressing, verses an open and airy, well lit structure that is more positive, but lacks that rustic character and feel.

    I am planning a different layout, though still similar. But my only real issue is the cost. A tiny house that costs more than $40,000 with the owner doing all the labor defeats one of the two main purposes of a tiny house (cost savings) though I will grant his priority seems to be the mobility rather than the cost.

    But still, a 10/10 house!

  4. That last view, rising to see him on the roof, the dog beside it, and the world beyond. And I like the space in the house!

  5. Absolutely love it. Could see myself in this. Gorgeous. Well designed. Got an edge on many other tiny house designs. Do you see many without lofts? Thinking of mobility as I get older.

  6. Another game-changer, Bryce ! – First off-grid solar powered electric stove I’ve seen in a tiny house ! – This one has got to be in the same league as Brett’s and Briar’s NZ tiny houses ! Thanks again for your great effort in your excellent videos !

  7. Iv seen a lot of tiny house videos but this is the best one! Beautiful and spacious. Looks like a dream to live in 🙂

  8. what are the windows made out of? If it is glass, wouldnt it break when driving over rough streets?

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