Extra Wide Tiny House Built For Cooking and Entertaining

For sale here https://tinyhouselistings.com/listing/houston-texas-usa-12-extra-wide-tiny-house-for-sale-350sqft

With a sad heart and a new city that doesn’t allow tiny houses, my husband and I are selling our never lived in tiny house that we have been building for 3 years with lots of blood, sweat, tears and hard work. My husband is a home builder. We designed and built everything ourselves except for building the kitchen cabinets and countertop. There is SO much information I could give, but for now we are just trying to generate interest. The home is 95% complete. We just need to finish baseboards, door trim, paint touch up, toilet install, faucets install, garbage disposal.”

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  1. You aren’t going to get $65,000 for that as is. I’m sorry. If you really spent even close to that much on it already, you spent very poorly.

  2. With these tiny homes why are people not using instant water heaters; why use the reserve tank type?… Seems like an enormous waste of space.

    • Instant water heaters are not instant at all. The heating element needs time to warm up before it can produce the water temperature that you want. So a lot of water (and time) is wasted while that is happening. Also, they cost a lot more than a reserve tank type.

  3. It has good bones, that’s for sure. I’m loving this trend of the extra-wides, the super narrow rectangle has never appealed to me. I wish this couple luck in selling, though I agree with many comments that they may need to adjust the price.

    To the people at THLs, please change the way people upload to you. You KNOW how to make decent videos. You have experience. Could you please offer these poor newbs some advice and/or requirements before posting their stuff up on your channel?

  4. Don’t be discouraged by all the nay sayers! By not finishing it you allow the buyer to customize it a little for themselves plus why sink more money into something you are selling. The layout is nice, no loft ladders to climb, the extra width would be a plus for someone who won’t be moving it around much and wants that extra space & feel.
    Perhaps you could list the things included but not seen in the video: like cabinet doors & shelves, are they appliances included etc.
    Where are you located?

  5. $65,000 for an incomplete tiny house? Plus, whoever buys it probably won’t like the blue stained wood in the kitchen along with grey floors and white washed walls in bedroom. It’s too personal. If it was finished at least someone could see the potential. But, even complete you’re not getting more than $65K. Spend a month and finish it then refilm your video. The house has a lot of poential, but not for the price.

  6. This will be awesome when complete. @ least I can imagine that which isn’t yet complete, & just described: I have a creative imagination. I Long to see the completed version. .

  7. I’m sorry. But this video is painful to hear. Since she sound so sad. She sound like she really didn’t want to depart from this home. 3yrs of work, gone to what sounds like a big waste of time for something they can’t even live in. It sounds like its ripping her heart out.

  8. So much criticism for the quality of this video, and yes it could be much better. However, so few viewers are smart enough to read the description below the video or visit the Tinyhouse listings website for more information. This blows my mind.

  9. Please do another video walk through after construction is complete. I feel like the response will be night and day. I am so excited to see this in all of it’s perfection tidy and staged. You have completely nailed the exterior!! Cheering for you.

  10. I am sad that they have to sell, the video is ok and the jobsite is clean . it is obvious that some commenters are not accustomed to real life. the price with labor seams fair , it is a heavy duty frame . I am currently involved in a design build fold out very expensive , click on my “A” and take a look and please comment.

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