Family adventures inspired North Sister, a high-end tiny home

Spud and MaryEsther Hooley have spent four decades in tiny homes, including a converted caboose in , a trapping cabin on the Snake River, a in , a wall tent while commercial fishing in , a 19’ van in Mexico, and a year in a sailboat from Europe to Russia.

When they moved back to the United States, the Hooleys began building a in , , relying on their years of construction experience with both tiny spaces and community development work in Romania, Nepal and Mongolia. Named “The North Sister” (after the local mountain peak), the the 300-square-foot home on wheels (200 floor + 100 loft) is the sum of many handcrafted details: custom finished in bamboo for a soft step, a full-sized shower with and exposed , a kitchen with a generous and full-height fridge.

The Hooley’s tiny house co:


  1. Nice video!  I don’t care for the longer 30 minute vids.  Sorry, but I like the shorter vids, though I’ve always liked your content.  Keep going!

  2. wow beautiful design but the weight of it sheesh Id lose some of those heavy materials but beautiful design and finally an awesome loft space.

  3. Impressive. So well thought through. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your knowledge. Saves a lot of trial and error.

  4. Great video. We are working on our Tiny House and will get out to the country next spring. It is an inspiration to watch this video. Thank you!

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