Family Build Epic Modern-Country Style Tiny House

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This family have created a stunning off-the-grid tiny home for themselves! Adam and Michelle are a build dream team. One a builder and the other an interior , between them they have created a spectacular home, perfectly designed for family living and with a beautiful modern-country aesthetic.

With the ever exploding of housing, many families are feeling the pinch and many have found the dream of owning a home moving further out of their grasp. In this case of this next dynamic young family decided to do things a bit differently, and built a brilliant off the grid tiny home which now enables them to live mortgage free, and start up for their next life goals.

This tiny is packed full of fantastic design. Loads of storage and features such as a walk-in-wardrobe mean that there’s ample room for all of the families belongings. Twin sleeping lofts are separated for plenty of privacy and there’s lots of space for the kids to play.

Being completely off the grid has also enabled the family plenty of options when it comes to parking spaces. In this case, they are currently parked on a 650 acre which belongs to a long-time family friend.

Enjoy the of this very beautiful and creative home.

For more information, you can find Michelle’s business here:

And Adam’s building company here:

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  1. Hmmm.. wonder how those two can manage intimacy time with the kids right beside them and no door.s closing off the rooms.. LOL

  2. Wow! My favorite tiny house so far and I have been watching your channel for years! I never thought on the clever solutions this house has for clothing, bathroom, 2 bethrooms… I’m impressed 😍

  3. Just once I’d like to see what all these cheery off-gridders with composting toilets actually do with their ‘humanure’. Dollars to donuts half of them dump it in a plastic bag and sneak it into their neighbors’ trash pickup.

  4. How is this a tiny house , most apartments in Mumbai , new york, hing kong would be considered big if they had this much space.

  5. That stags head 😍. I count 4 stags which tells me you shoot way more deer 🦌. A healthy looking family driven by organic free range meat! Keep up the animal killing!! I can taste the juicy venison now 😋

  6. Absolutely love the Stag’s head and its a perfect place for it, not sure what people are complaining about. I’m guessing the sausages we saw were venison too. BTW if you don’t know Deer in New Zealand are pests and there are certain times of the year we are allowed to kill them.

  7. Cant imagine if someone build house like that in tropical country like where I’m from. Dengue fever alone will take you down

  8. I like your sponsors as much as this tiny home! The part about Girls Build was really awesome! And I loved that you pointed out that the house is an asset and in the future they can rent out should they build a bigger home.

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