Family Builds Beautiful TINY HOUSE Homestead on Their Farm

The built a on their in Northern so that others can visit and try out a self-sustainable lifestyle and homesteading.



Cost to build: $60k, furnishings / decor additional $10k



  1. Wow. Leave it to a Mom of small children to design the BEST Tiny House I have ever seen! As a Mom myself, I completely agree with each and every choice she has made. I am in complete awe of this Tiny House-I would not change one single thing. Love, love, love the downstairs bedroom and the Murphy bed. So incredibly practical. Love the long bench and long storage seat! Someone can be seated at the bench preparing vegetables chatting with the person cooking in the kitchen area. Where did the homeowner find that awesome storage sofa? I think I want one for my living room that I have now! Just fantastic. I am saving this video for when I finally build my own Tiny House.

  2. Nice and very roomy tiny house! Lots of sleeping areas Love to have one as guest cottage! Love the homestead environment also!

  3. Loved this tiny house! I really enjoyed meeting you Jenna at the DC/VA festival! You were so friendly and kind enough to answer my questions, thank you!

  4. Funny how easy people get brainwashed into the idea of LACK. This planet has abundant renewable resources and has ample space for every family to have a spacious home. This house is ridiculous and the children are being brainwashed. Wasting resources is one thing, but living this lie is just as bad.

  5. What is the different between a tiny house and a RV? Just wondering
    Love this episode very pretty tiny house Keep doing what your doing!!!!!!!❤️❤️

  6. This is the best designed tiny house I’ve ever seen… and I’ve been binge watching tiny house videos and shows for years.

  7. Interesting getting a perspective from someone not only with young kids but also longtime experience with tiny house living.

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