Family builds cob home inside a geodesic dome in Norway

A Norwegian family of 6 built a cob house inside of a glass dome on a remote island. This incredible home is extremely efficient, allowing the family live here comfortably year round while growing their own vegetables and creating heating and cooling.


Jenna Kausal

Marcia Trader

Video filmed and supplied w/ permission of the home owners. Additional Norway stock video was sourced legally from


0:00 Intro
0:40 the “Nature House”
1:23 What is a Nature House?
1:51 Who lives here?
2:16 Location
2:45 Deciding on the Nature House
3:21 Building with Cob
4:18 Cost of the Dome Home
5:02 the property
5:33 About the Dome
6:30 Inside the Dome
7:54 the Cob House
8:05 Upstairs
9:05 Bathroom
10:41 Living
12:49 Dining room &
14:00 Outro

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  1. Cool too see how it looks now. I’ve only seen videos of it when it was recently built, so the garden part of the house was’nt that big yet.

  2. The cob design is important because it overcomes the problems with geodesic buildings. I really loved the design as it has so many sustainable features in it. I always remember reading a book on Buckminster Fuller and thinking it was too conceptual – form heavy rather than functional. Here we see that it functions well and the integration with nature is just sublime. On top of that it is as the Danes say, very hygge. Well done.

  3. This is my favourite episode. The views, the house, the gardens, the mountains and the water. I mean everything shouts peace and love. I call this a paradise. Thank you for showing to us your beautiful home.

  4. Wonder how the dome would cope heat wise in uk during summer and of course the dreaded planners..

  5. Wow! great artistic talent went into this build, congratulations to Benjamin and Ingrid…not a square boring house but an organic and interesting cosy home with attention to detail👌❤

  6. Everybody on the planet who needs a home, could have one pretty easily, as long as they have their health and they could bodily do so. Really.
    I’m going to be selling my house one day – I’ll have more than enough that is needed given what they say the cost is but I’m unable to physically, do this alone but I would possibly be able to hire others to help, if people want to work.

  7. Incredibly beautiful home and lifestyle, living with and making the most of natures seasons. The natural way to live with a little help where necessary from technology where appropriate. You must be incredibly proud of what you have accomplished.

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