Family Business Builds & Rents Incredible Themed Tiny Houses

After tiny for many years in their RV, the Westra family designed & built 9 # for their dynamic Tiny Digs Hotel. This is a with a big heart, rooted in their sincere hope to inspire others to see the possibilities of beautiful, quality-built tiny homes. Enjoy tours of 3 of their themed tiny houses on wheels: the Barn, the Bamboo, and the Modern–full of #tinyhousedesign ideas and cool features!

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Video Chapters:
0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Modern Tiny House
4:13 – Why They Build Tiny Houses
5:45 – Bamboo Tiny House
14:06 – Barn Tiny House
17:56 – Idea Behind the Tiny House Hotel
18:50 – Tiny House Expedition’s Alexis and Christian – Learn More!

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  1. I find ultra-modern designs very offputting. I like beach feel, gypsy, love Japanese or Asian themed designs, rustic modern, warm colors, boho, I am pretty eclectic. Overminimalistic modern design leave me cold.

    • We also tend to most enjoy warm, rustic, cozy tiny home designs. But the modern, minimalistic is definitely appealing to many–to each their own!

  2. We love this family business! It has a big heart, rooted in their sincere hope to inspire others to see the possibilities of beautiful, quality-built small spaces and the value of simple living–quality over quantity. Enjoy tours of 3 of their themed tiny houses: the Barn, the Bamboo, and the Modern–full of tiny house design ideas and cool features! 🏡🏡 👉 *Watch tiny house tours of their Victorian Cottage & Merlot tiny house with downstairs bedroom:*

  3. “the fun little touching” is the first house bathroom’s door missed!. I wanna live in the second one, and the third one .

    • Elizabeth Carlo I wish I could’ve seen the cabin, I Love these tiny houses! All that we did see were Very Nice! My Favorite was the “Bamboo House” and I Love the “Farmhouse”! I want to live in one, it is a Dream of mine to Live Tiny Only! Blessings!🐿

  4. These are all amazing designs and so unusual. What a great family business and what a talented family! And I lived in Thailand for 14 years and, yes, she’s correct about the tin roofs on some Thai houses out in the country and about the Thais liking little gardens in pots that are naturally watered. Nice to see them add the Thai features. Beautiful tiny houses.

  5. It also shows how good they are at design that, not only did they use that fabulous table that looks like a print on the wall in the barn house but, when the table is pulled down, there is another print behind it so that the room is still beautifully decorated. This is some of the best design I’ve seen in any tiny houses. Just beautiful and so unusual. Plus, they’ve really thought about safety features as well. Stunning.

  6. why don’t you ever show case Incredible Tiny Homes in Newport Tenn. ? its a great company .they custom build your home they are affordable. but I never see you showcase any of their homes or the community they have put together Randy Jones at Incredible tiny homes is the real deal

  7. My grandparents on my mom’s side and dad side are all Friesian. So I’m Friesian!
    If you ain’t Dutch you ain’t much! heheheheh
    Lovin’ the variety of the designs at Tiny Digs! I’m diggin’ it!
    I may even build a tiny of my own design one day to retire in!

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