Family lives full time in a JEEP overlander w/ lux camp gear

After falling in love with camping and travel, Julie and Chris decided to move their family of four into a jeep overlander with a tow behind trailer & roof tent. Essentially, they camp full time, but their set up is more than roughing it. Well-thought-out doesn’t even begin to describe it.


Jenna Kausal

Matt Alexander

Marcia Trader



0:00 Intro
1:03 Meet the family
1:24 Decision to live nomadically
2:06 Build process and cost
2:29 Trans America Trail
2:40 Family growth on this adventure
3:37 About the rig
4:08 Storage on the roof
4:43 Prepared for off-roading
5:45 Inside the Jeep
8:44 Making room for essentials
9:31 Water and power
10:39 Kitchen space
12:33 Trailer tour
13:55 Tent/ tour
14:57 Bathroom
15:56 No plans, just goals


  1. Love this! I had a similar experience as a child in Australia with my parents. These folks are much more advanced and set up /organization/self sufficiency but this is simply brilliant! Fantastic experience for the kids – Nothing impacts you more in education than the experience to travel to encounter new experiences and people. Great parents 😉 As long as you have access to a library you are great! Well done 👍

  2. Hold up, was the younger kid holding a knife?! Or was it a shovel, either way I don’t think a kid that young should be holding that. Also it seems that only the husband really wanted this lifestyle and then the family just joined along with no choice what so ever. I don’t mean to be rude, () but the kids should have more space and be kids instead of always having to set up, traveling around and not having a lot of privacy or a space just for them, especially for when they get older, they will start become teenagers and not like it, it just doesn’t seem right. I feel bad for the kids, they don’t get to life in one place or enjoy memories without moving around, but i can’t change how people live.

  3. Well you’ve got the Aussie Thunderbox! , you’re all welcome to bring the whole shebang, especially the boys to my country, they’d love it. Google these expressions if you😅🇦🇺😉n

  4. This is very nice! Hey Julie and Chris! You guys have a great life! But, you need to get some attachable sides for the awning so you will have a nice enclosed space for bad, or just cold, weather – without having to spend that time in the tents or jeep. You can even get a very small wood-burning stove that can be used under the awning even after you have the enclosures up. Kinda like a big tent as your house! Something like what BONJOUR Video, and one or two others, has on their awning set-up. You have a great set-up otherwise that’s for sure! God bless y’all.

  5. Omg. Once I heard that first kids voice, I was cringing and like “yep, I never want kids!” They’re weird, they sound weird, the creep me out. Kids are creepy.

  6. I’m just not sold on this situation for a family of four, seems like a lot of advertising to me. Plus, obviously they need to always live in a warm climate. Don’t mean to be rude, especially if the kids read these comments, cause they are very well educated on their living environmen. Even the shower situation seems a tad unrealistic to me, I give them a year tops, living like this… I could be wrong, just my opinion. Wishing them all the best….🤔

  7. “Please be sure to like, comment and subscribe…” Well, it wasn’t hard to like this one! Great life for the kids (including problem solving), great to see the unity between the parents and the light of enthusiasm in their eyes. Definitely nicely thought through from first aid to kitchen bench (commercial grade stainless steel) to power to water purification and storage to portable toilet…and that got me thinking, “I don’t have plans anymore, I have goals.”

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