Family Living in Off-Grid Tiny House to Save Money & Work Less

Krystine & Bruce recently moved into a 34-foot long tiny house on wheels with their two daughters to be able to own a home, work less, and spend more time together as a family. The tiny house was built and financed by Tiny Homes in BC, and it was transported across Canada to where the family is renting a piece of land from someone they met on in Ontario.

To find more about Tiny Homes:

The Rainbow Tiny House is fully off-grid with a solar power system and backup generator for electricity, propane for heat, a 1,400-gallon water tank, and a composting toilet.

Some of the unique features of this tiny include a massive 8’x3’ walk in closet, a double loft with two bedrooms, a storage staircase, and a -size bathtub!

A lot of people find the $100k price tag on tiny houses to be a little high these days, but after speaking with many builders, we’ve realized that they have so many more overhead costs than a DIY build, including: paying staff for admin, building, and designing, renting or building a warehouse, insurance, certifications, marketing, transportation, as well as contractors for installing electrical, gas, and plumbing. The cost of tiny appliances and a new trailer are often much higher than what people expect, too, so it all adds up!

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  1. We started living tiny when our kids were (6,4,3, 2, and newborn) it’s been 2 years since we went tiny. It was amazing. Were paying $30,000 for our house. But we went a bit different route and live in the US.

  2. The way Krystine has organized the children’s play space, toys and activities makes me think she might be an Early Childhood Educator. Love it!

  3. Very creative & very smart. Room to grow too. Trust me that composting toilet is nothing compared to an RV’s disgusting black tank or even the ridiculous amounts of multiple gallons of water for a flushable toilet w/no off-grid capacity but ruining the planet.

    Keep up the great work & values. Glad you worked w/Mint; have heard nothing but excellent comments abt them.

  4. Hmmmm….. There’s stuff about this whole thing that isn’t giving me a positive feeling. I guess they haven’t been in the home long, since they talk about stuff they’ll do before winter. I don’t know. Also, he doesn’t look happy, but she’s very happy. Was he onboard with the whole idea? And what the heck is the thing about no plastic toys for the kids? The house, I’m sure, has tons of plastic in it. It’s just weird.

  5. …what nice people…yup it all comes down to making choices that allow us to live the way we want to live…adorable kiddos that have very smart parents imho…

  6. Your home is as amazing as your family. Your girls are two lil cuties. I really like the set up how you live. The play room is awesome in a tiny house. Don’t listen to those negitive nellys. Those are your children in a tiny home yes but it’s a home and looks like a happy home to me. I saw 2 very happy children and 2 happy adults. Good for you! Best of luck. I hope next time I see u there is a lil boy. Lol.

  7. There’s no comfortable sofa for the family to hang out together, and not enough space for one, which is surprising given the size of the house. I’ve seen smaller tiny houses with more comfortable living space.

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