Family Of 3 Escape Bay Area Rent & Invests In An Absolutely Gorgeous Open Concept Tiny House

Spencer & Bela were fed up with paying outrageous rent prices and decided to invest in living tiny. So many people out there live in massive houses and only use 20% of the total Sq Ft…not there two. This tour video will serve you time after time as you learn from all of the innovative modifications that were included in this build.

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  1. Ive been watching some tiny homes for some time now, this is 100% the best one i have ever seen. It doesnt feel like downsizing due to your understanding of interpretation of a space you live in and also the high quality building method!

    • Does their understand of the interpretation of a space include the fact that most people would want a chair to sit on to read a book? There is not a single chair in the entire home. a few stools, a hidden bench; even the desk is a stand-up desk. It’s easy to build a fantastic kitchen when you agree to nix the lounge area and hide the dining area under tent floor of the kitchen.

  2. Goodness, he has certainly hit a nerve with people! Whether or not he’s your cup of tea, it’s not necessary to get so nasty. It’s ok to keep your opinions to yourselves and not spread negativity. None of you know if he is abusive—it’s really out of line to make assumptions like this is some kind of witch hunt. Typically one person takes the lead in describing the home, in this case it is him.

  3. Wow the man doesn’t shut up and when he does he takes over from what she’s trying to relay. How the hell does she still have hair around him, surprised she hasn’t pulled it all out. Couldn’t watch all the way through.

  4. I think the guy is very proud of his beautiful tiny house and he tries to explain as much as he can adding information to what his wife says. They look like a happy couple to me. Well done guys, never mind the criticism of people who don’t even know you.

  5. omg a tiny house…really… how cool when you are obviously so rich….to bad all of the little people can’t afford to do this…and what jobs do these people have?

  6. Nice house, but ugh. Hate it when people cut down trees simply so they can get a view, it’s so stupid. Is your pleasure from seeing a mountain so much more important than the lives of all the organisms inhabiting those trees. No doubt some invasive plants will now crop up in the space that’s been opened up and could encroach upon the rest of the forest. Also with it being on a steep slope I would be worried about soil erosion now that the tree roots aren’t binding it all together. What’s so wrong with a view of trees anyway?

  7. Y’all need to stop hating. They may be the happy. So many critical negative comments. I think the world has enough of that already, positive comments do no harm.

  8. I hope the comments below are taken as constructive criticism and don’t cause problems for this family. I applaud you for sharing your home with the world.

  9. Moved from Boulder creek 30 years ago. SLV grad. I was wondering where the redwoods are. Our property had three redwood groves on the 1/3 of an acre. You cut down trees for the view? WHAT?

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