Family of Four Tiny House With All The Bells and Whistles

The “Hogan’s Haven” built by JB Home Improvers in Minnesota was made to house a family of four. It has some pretty unique features like built-in bunk beds, folding stairs and a folding and table.


  1. This works if you have another building on the property to stretch out. I
    couldn’t do it without my office in a separate space to think …. I like
    the concept though!

  2. the staircase appears to be dangerous! esp for an older person, but there s
    no hand rail etc. I hope the children’s bunks are safe & comply to ANSI
    standards, otherwise they may just have a visit from child protective

  3. awesome tiny house, well thought out. could we see more? is it off grid?
    toilet? shower? storage? always looking for new ideas. tfs

  4. Hot shower, boiling water or just a humid day and those steps will stick.
    The babies babys dark dungeon needs a window. Those fold away tables are
    nice untill someone bumps a leg when it’s under load and the world stops.
    Corner bracing would be a great idea. It’s little things like these that
    really matter imo.

  5. I love it! our kids aro growing up fast (High school next year) so I’m
    thinking of Having a U shaped residential area made of 3 tiny homes.Ours
    will be the bigger at about 250 Sq’ the kids will each have their 120 sq”

  6. I think I am too old to climb stairs such as those….the young and spry
    could manage them…I love all the light wood though. Also wondering where
    all the food is and cooking equipment…I just can’t go that small. Or
    rather…don’t want to.

  7. I really like this layout especially the full sized kitchen which is a
    must-have for me. There are plenty of clever design ideas I haven’t seen
    before. But like others have said, I was disappointed to not see the rest
    of the house.

  8. I like the house but the stairs combined with the kitchen drawers are too
    complicated. Personally, I would prefer an ordinary ladder that you can
    climb up and down any time you want, quickly and without pulling some
    drawers back and forward and without making sure they stay in their place.
    But otherwise it is nice.

  9. Bunk beds fine for babies, but what happens when they are too old to be
    locked inside? Adaptable guard rail or let them roll off onto the floor?
    And how about when they outgrow them, where will they sleep, cause they
    sure don’t look long enough for even a preteen?

  10. not a complete tour 🙁 it looks nice though would love to see the rest. one
    thing i see as a problem though is those stairs, eventually over time those
    drawer rails are going to bend from the weight of people going up the
    stairs, then you will have issues pushing them in and out.

  11. Good use of space, but personally I would prefer things like the stairs,
    bedroom etc. to always be set out.

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