Family w/ 2 young kids sold everything to live in airstream

Adventure-loving family of four sold everything in to to hit the road -time for #RVlife. Take a tour of their gorgeous airstream trailer, and learn what it’s like to live on the road with two young kids.


Jenna Kausal

Matt Alexander

Marcia Trader



#airstream #airstramfamily #airstreamtour

0:00 Intro
1:05 Meet the Family
1:23 Introduction to living
2:20 Transitioning from a to the airstream
3:05 About the airstream & cost
3:27 Exterior tour
5:30 Tow vehicle
6:10 Welcome inside
6:23 Living
6:45 Kitchen
8:14 Shower
8:50 Parent’s bedroom
10:29 Bathroom
10:51 Dining /Kid’s bed
12:36 A compartment!
12:54 Final thoughts on a lifestyle


  1. Гарний караван для родинного відпочинку і щаслива родина 👍🇺🇦

  2. WooooooooW … really nice ..
    the kids are happy and I think that is the important thing … it really shows that the kids love being together and looking out for each other…

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  4. I like the yellow- ish background color of the decor with the bright pops of color in the pillows and bedspread. The trailer is so uncluttered that it is refreshing.

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