Family with 2 Babies Convert SCHOOL BUS into Chic Tiny Home

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After building a in Sweden, Ben and Mia moved back to the USA with their two babies under the age of 2 to convert a school bus as their next . They plan on traveling around the country while the kids are young, while looking for a place to settle down. At the time of filming this tour, they had just finished the build and were in.

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    • @katy bourassa with out parents knowledge for sure I know the toddler by himself can’t climb the high bunk. And when he is there I know the parents will lock the door and the parents might have a safety measures in place which might have not been shown here due to time .

    • @katy bourassa yes gate or mesh anything is fine . Hope the father sees your comment and changes it if he feels required. But yes as you pointed out air flow and all are an issue . But compared to many builds the space is quite good . As I said in one build the parents had massive bedroom and children was stuffed in one corner

    • @srirampandrangi I think I know the video you are talking about, it got a lot of comments, as you just said. lol In fact, I’ve seen several like that.

    • @katy bourassa in that video I commented about the space for children and got trashed with trolls . I seriously don’t know how parents can make children sleep in such small places . That’s why I like this build as the Father knows where to make his child sleep when he grows out of the place

  1. Looks practical and very comfortable. If not because of the wheel well, I’d switch the Fridge and the showers around. Only thing I’d change is the protruding corner from the log storage, kids might bump their heads there. Who knows what’s going to happen in 5 years. Have fun and live life. good luck.

  2. I really like that wallpaper. It’s unusual in it’s color design. So mellow and out of the norm. The bus is practical and meets your needs. Smart move to get the children use to it now. It will really be cosy parked in the right place. Enjoy!

  3. A really wholesome, attractive couple and I just don’t use that word very often. Clearly they have their values in the right place

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