Family’s Off Grid Tiny House in Charming Backyard Village

Chris and Malissa Tack designed and built their beautiful, off-grid 8 years ago—now famous Tiny Tack House. ❤🏡 They started one of the first DIY blogs, an early inspiration for us and countless others. It’s a 140 square feet THOW and sits on a 7’ x 20’ trailer, and took them 7 months to build. The total cost is between $15-20,000. As their family has grown, the use of their is evolving.

It’s now parked in the backyard of their small house, behind their community garden. They formed a small with room for 1-2 additional homes. ❤🏡🏡🏡 For now, their is an Airbnb rental and sometimes serves as a guest house for visiting family. In the future, their young daughter might live it, or perhaps it will become Chris and Malissa’s retirement home.

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  1. Chris & Malissa’s beautiful, 8-yr old tiny home is evolving, as their family grows. From full-time home to rental and family guest house, and in the future, a house for their daughter and/or their retirement home. 🏡👉INTERESTED in More In-Depth Tiny Living Discussions/Presentations, PLUS a Look Inside Our Creator Process? Join Us on Patreon: 🏡🎥❤️

  2. love!!! I am planning to stain my walls instead of painting them!! definitely want a cozy house more than a white one

  3. I don’t know why the salesman told you that. You can strip paint off wood- that much wood would be a pain.

  4. I love your little house except for 1 major thing; I don’t care how small your bathroom is, you still need a sink. To me, using the kitchen sink to wash your hands after pooping in the toilet is just nasty. A tiny, tiny sink is better than no sink.

  5. Good thing it’s just a temporary home for most people, When people get older most will get Arthritis somewhere and a lot of people also have Fibromyalgia. That’s two things I was diagnosed with back at least 10 years ago and I’m just 53 years old. Very sad when a body gives up! No matter what I use for the pain it doest take all of the pain away! I also have a messed up back so people need to think about growing older build their tiny home with one bedroom down on the first level!

  6. I love this family! Malissa and I follow each other on the gram 🙂 She has a great eye for design and Chris has a great eye for photography. And, they now have 2 super cute, little kids!

    • That’s great. ☺️ Agree; they are so awesome! We parked at their place two years ago. Hoping we can recreate in person again soon!

  7. I would’ve painted it white….Men ALWAYS say…Don’t paint the wood! They don’t have the vision that we have…paint it girl! It’s beautiful but it could be better if you did what your gut told you to do👍🏻😊❤️

  8. Nice house. Great Video. I think if the window in front of the stove was that big an issue it wouldn’t be that big a deal to pull the window, install a hood vent with fan and maybe get a solid none opening window for the lower part.

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