First-Ever Veteran’s Tiny House Community in Phoenix

In heart of Phoenix, tiny are being built to create more affordable housing. And in late 2018, first tiny house community for homeless veterans opened. Arizona non-profit, Build Us Hope built it with sustainable principles, long-term durability, and aesthetically pleasing design in mind.

V13 was built on a vacant lot within an existing neighborhood with mostly small older homes. Each of three 288 sq. ft. micro homes included beautiful big porches, and are surrounded by edible landscaping. Veteran residents manage on-site community gardens. Also, the tiny homes are available for or purchase, well below area’s market-rate housing—starting at $450/month. Build Us Hope helps connect residents to financing, as well as supportive services.

groundbreaking of the next Veterans village is slated for August 2019. Coming to the same Phoenix neighborhood.

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And their for-profit development partner, Tiny House Developers: ???Follow them for updates on new tiny home communities in development across Arizona, for all interested and in need of attainable, simple living. THOWs and THOFs.?

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  1. are these for sale? Can we purchase one? Can we go buy one and move there? What are the rules to live there? Can you have dogs? I’m ready to move there? Help

    • Are you a veteran? If so, you can apply to live here or in the next one they are building in August, via their website. Link in the description. More affordable tiny house options for anyone coming in the next year in AZ. Follow Tiny House Developers—link also above. ?

  2. I love ❤️ this so much. I hope more communities are able to use this model and expand upon it. What an amazing way to give back to people who have served our country. Such worthwhile and meaningful work. Inspiring!

  3. With all the toxicity in the news, it’s a heartwarming reminder that there are decent loving people out there just getting on with sharing their love of humanity. ❤

    • Stay tuned for big and affordable tiny home communities coming to AZ in the near future! Follow Tiny House Developers—link in the description. ?

  4. I salute you by having this wonderful and extremely helpful project. If only more countries would take advantage of this idea, so many people would live with dignity. I’m in Italy right now and see the need for so many people who just can’t make it on their own. Great job.

  5. Woo! Shout out to ASU Sustainability majors helping to make affordable and sustainable housing for veterans! Go Sundevils! 😀 So glad this organization is showing the state that this is a viable solution

  6. We salute our veterans and those who’ve created such lovely homes for their comfort and affordability … BRILLIANT!!!

  7. Being a Veteran myself, this made my eyes well up… Thank you for sharing this wonderful place with us! ☺️

  8. 450 dollars a month for a tiny doll house.
    that is terrible. your making out you are helping veterans . Yet your charging them a fortune.

    It is a great idea but the price should be cheap.

  9. God bless and thanks.  Brought a tear to my eye.  I am a vet but am doing ok, I had it easy, I am happy to see someone is helping my brothers and sisters who need a leg up.  We need to do more for those who serve and this is a great example.

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