First Grade School Teacher turns to Tiny House Living

Derek “” Diedricksen (author of “Microshelters”) takes a tour inside a gorgeous tiny house - one owner by a first grade who turned to “tiny” in order to money and live on her own terms. This beautiful house was built with the help of her grandfather and family members for $25,000. It stands at 32′ long, with a loft, a large (with a bathtub), and a balcony-like sitting and tv viewing area….


  1. Well, crap. We saw her tiny house at the end of the skoolie/van row at the Jamboree and were getting tired and didn’t go through. Wish that we had because this is awesome. She’s got one of the best designs I’ve ever seen. Well done.

  2. This is the only tiny house I’ve ever seen that actually looks livable. It’s affordable as well. Well done young lady and family!

  3. This tiny house seems to have it all. I think the design is not only functional but it is very much like a home and not a trailer house.

  4. Hands down, this is my favourite tiny home. I’ve seen so many tiny home videos but this one has everything. Practical, stylish, warm and homey. The wallpaper in living room really is effective for making it seem like a separate room. Well done to you and your grandparents for awesome design and build. Love it all!!

  5. Hands down loved this design and all the nice details. There wasn’t anything I would change about it. Love that counter top – much larger than my apartment counter top! <3

  6. Everything about this is beautiful. The best part is the relationship with her Grandparents. ?

    Grandparents are going to save the world. Mine saved me.

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