Forget Earthships- The $13k Tiny House (with NO building experience!)

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In this tour, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (while a keynote speaker at a tiny house festival in Omaha, Nebraska) visits the self-built home of Matt Mary (from Omaha), who recently built this tiny house. Based on the plans for the Tumbleweed “Epu” tiny home, Matt changed a few things up, and incorporated salvaged and dumpster-dived materials to keep costs down- and that he did, with this project only clocking in at $13,000- including the dual axle trailer! Matt also has plans (well in the works) to create a faith-based in Nebraska. We’ll hopefully have more on THAT tiny house camp/town down the road!


  1. Man i wish southern California had some land to throw this on, I’m about an hour away from LA (metrolink/train) and the cheapest land I’ve found is about 57 grand with a lot of weird stigmas. This house is amazing but it wouldn’t meet code huh?

  2. Ⓜ️ade the best of his childhood.
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    ✝️ook to minimalist mindset.
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  3. I like most of it, only things i don’t like is that it’s a wet bath, would be cool if it had a small separate shower. Next is that the kitchen sink drain is connected to the sewage.

    • Derek Diedricksen extent the bathroom 2′ towards the heater, and wam.. a 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 Shower. Everything is custom so it’s possible. But that’s just me, Alot of people don’t mind a wet bath

  4. Deek! Please go check out incredible Tiny Homes in Morristown, Tennessee. If a customer did their workshop, you can get a 16 foot tiny, custom built in 7 days for under $19K. I think you would be really surprised and I love it when YouTubers colab.

    • They apparently have quite the online street team too. Yes, will check ’em out if I ever am down that way=- thanks! 🙂

    • ITH doesn’t get as much exposure as it should. They’re one of the lowest priced builders in the country that will do full top to bottom custom work and in the over two years they’ve been in business they’ve already built well over 130 homes… They recently had a Tiny House Jam event where around 29 of their tiny houses were showcased and they raffled one off…

      They’re also working on an off-grid water system for complete recycling of gray water that’s already being field tested to allow people to live completely off-grid even in a desert and works with rain catchment for prolonged use…

      Depending on your timing, you could probably check out their new property… They recently acquired some land and will be establishing a new factory there, along with developing a Tiny House community at…

      850 Industrial Road in Newport, Tennessee. 37821

      Newport, TN is basically joining the ranks of the likes like Spur, TX or El Paso, CO that have opened their doors to Tiny Houses… They even put in some infrastructure for utilities as part of the land deal…

      So a lot to cover when you do get around to going there…

    • Deek great work I follow your work I need to know how to purchase your plans of the a frame cabin I see where you can order the online plans for download but I want to get a hard copy booklet I have 2 of your books keep up the great work thanks

  5. howdi. the county next to me has a policy. you cant live in a trailor on your own property. however , there is a workaround . the said trailor cannot be on its own wheels . it cannot be on jacks or blocks.( understandable ) must be on its own pad.
    so this would be ideal .. take off the wheels and put it on a pad. good job by the young man.:)

  6. Great idea to build it yourself and save, i am building a truck camper and total cost so far is under $50 i got 99% of the materials for free please feel free to drop by my channel and check it out would love to hear what you think deek.
    Have a great day

  7. Got to go through this tiny house and this guy did a really cleaver and amazing job. Had great time at the Mid West Tiny Fest.

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