Four Years In A Tiny House And Loving It

Shannon and Tim have been living in their tiny house for four years in the Rochester, New York area. We love the deck area that basically doubles the usable size of the space. Nice! You can follow Shannon and Tim’s tiny house journey by following them on Instagram via the link below. Thanks Shannon and Tim for the tour!

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  1. I almost fell out when I saw the Incinolet. I thought yippee finally someone is gonna fill us in on this product. Sigh. Wishful thinking. From the stuff I’ve read and learned. You have to vent it and it stinks. So you want that thing vented well and high. Then the issue is parts and maintenance. This could be your one and only and when it’s down you are gonna need a substitute ready and waiting. It sounded like parts were hard to get and also hard to find anyone to diagnose and repair.

    • What sort of fill in are you looking for? Feel free to DM me some specific questions (Instagram @shannonsoine), I’d be happy to answer. Sure, if you walk right by the vent on the exterior it’s not gonna smell great, but there’s no smell inside, and compared to my sisters composting toilet (she lives on a boat), I would much prefer the incinolet in terms of smell, but that’s just me 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. You might want to make a groove on the bench so one end of the cutting board can rest securely on it otherwise it might slip and the whole thing slams on your hands.

    • That’s actually a really good suggestion. Every time I pop that cutting board in there I’m ready to break some bones 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. You should keep a water bowl all the time for your dogs. Really. I’m shocked you don’t. Animals aren’t stuff animals but living creatures.

  4. Is there anything you would fo differently in ur tiny house as you have had time to morph into it the set up of the island/ kenal & step up nice job.

  5. 2 big dogs all day in a tiny crate and no H20 available throughout the day and only dry food to eat. Not good.

  6. Wow I know small house you HAVE to economise on space But man o man the bath area is exxxxxtremly small I’ve seen van campers that have that kinda bathroom space so whats the use of a tiny house? At lease a bigger bathroom
    But then again if you’re happy with it then don’t make a difference😊

  7. Beautiful tiny house, great video but dude.. you really need to work on your speaking skills..!! Literally every sentence you spoke included an ummm, ahhh, ummm, ummm, ahhhhh, ummm, ummm, ummm, ahhh, ummmm, ahhh, ahhh, ummm, ummm….!!!

  8. You too must get along pretty well to live together in a small space with two pets. Congratulations! It looks like you had a great time doing this together.

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