From Fame To Forest – Rockstar’s Magical Woodland Cabin

is still perhaps most well known as the drummer for the rock-band ‘’ who rose to fame in the late 60’s. After leaving the group though, Alban’s life took a very different turn, leading him away from life in the public eye and into a remote and beautiful in the forests of Olympia, Washington.

This home is filled with organic design and natural elements that gives a true feeling of belonging amongst it’s surroundings.

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  1. As a roofer, that roof kinda bothers me the way the shingles just sag over the side. If that was anywhere windy they would blow off. But perhaps it adds to the aesthetic. If ya really wanted a hippy roof ya could get an EPDM rubber roof and cover it with bushes and trees and rocks and junk.

  2. This was the kind of magical interior I was expecting in a previous house I thought of as a witch’s house. Beautifully done! ????

  3. Your channel has grown so much since I joined wayyy back. It’s so wonderful to see your videos appreciated they way they deserve to be. This place was incredible also.

  4. Yet another absolutely dreamy house that gently kisses nature’s ground on which it stands, while taking its place among the forest.
    Thank you Alban for allowing us the pleasure of coming into your home.
    And thank you Bryce for a wonderful job in guiding and narrating as we take this journey with you.

  5. Thank you for showing a place in my state! Are you gone now? There are more! I assume these were done last month or so?

  6. This house is perfect in the way that the outside feel is continued and amplified on the inside. Absolutely stunning! Perfect surroundings too!

  7. Open house bath room with fire place and a very fertile house to jam as well as to make jam or jelly or jello…ah bliss

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