From TRASH BARGE to a gorgeous Houseboat Rental!

Tiny house fans will love this one as it has so much going for it by way of design, space efficiency and utility. The only downside might be the ULTRA small bathroom- which you’ll get to see plenty of. All in all, this place is just amazing(!) and you can it by the night right on Seattle’s Lake Union. The world of tiny homes/houses and houseboats is really the same, so be sure to grab some great design, storage, and layout for this one.

HERE is a link list of materials/products I use in my builds, my books, workshops, and more: shed plans down below too…..

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  1. 3:35 “Watch thy head” – yes, you can, when the door is open!

    Thanks for the tour. That little boat is full of charm. Lucky you!

  2. Cozy.Thanks. love it. Didn’t you open the louvers in the shower? They reveal squeegees and you just turn 360 and are auto dried.?

  3. Love your videos! I’ll watch all ads and commercials to try and help out towards a new camera 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

  4. How do you find places like this to rent? I am having a heck of a time finding tiny houses to rent ( wanna try them out before building one on our property)

  5. I was at thrift store today found a never used $8 delta shower hand held head. Put it on my outside shower and it works great.

  6. What a cool set up. I hope to be able in a few years to travel like you do and show others all about tiny home living. You rock.???

  7. I’m building a tiny place in the last 10 ft of a pole barn and you are one of the people who gave me the inspiration to do it. It’s not going to be very tiny because I’m making it handicap accessible since my cancer continues to effect my spine. Anywho, thanks for all the inspiration.

  8. The dining table eating space had a cute Italian restaurant vibe, love it. I’ve been studying London’s Chelsea houseboat community and their efforts to save it, so I’m really digging this vlog.

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