From Trash To Treasure: Amazing School Bus Conversion Using All Reclaimed Materials

The Liminal Caravan is a conversion quite unlike anything you’ve seen before. This incredible and artistic couple have renovated an old using all reclaimed, salvaged and recycled materials to create a wonderful family home, filled with ornate and interesting treasures.

The is now a wonderful home for this semi-nomadic family and is filled with hundreds, if not thousands of unique and wonderful stories. We hope you enjoy the tour of this unique and magical space.

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  1. It is beautiful, but with all the knick knacks it must be a nightmare getting it ready to drive. All of that would need to be put away (where?) each time you left. This looks to be impractical for traveling much if any. More stationary. But it is beautiful.

  2. I didn’t think hoarding stuff would be compatible with tiny homes. Good to know it’s not just for minimalists.

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