Full home unfolds in 1-hour, kitchen & bathroom included

The Boxabl Casita is a $49,000 home that begins as an easily-transportable 8-foot wide box and unfolds into 375-square-feet of space.

In under an hour, it unfurls reveal a kitchen with a refrigerator, double sink, oven, and and a bathroom with a shower/tub, sink, counter, mirror, and sliding glass door.

Father/son team Paolo and Galiano Tiramani have been prototyping the idea since 2017 and have recently moved into a 170,000-square-foot factory in order mass-produce their “instant house”. Galiano explains, “Ford builds one F-150 every 53 seconds. We want to beat that.”

Galiano calls the Casita a universal building block and says that they can be stacked or placed side by side create other housing configurations. They plan to release other box sizes in the future: “likely 20×20, 20×30, 20×40, 20×60”.


On *faircompanies: https://faircompanies.com/videos/full-home-unfolds-in-1-hour-kitchen-bathroom-included/


  1. Nice concept! Similarly I want to build a tiny house that one can expand, both vertically and horizontally, and then make tiny again for possible traveling/family vacations. Something tiny enough that can fit on a “small” trailer when smaller.

  2. Upper joints are waterproof ?
    Suitable for raining session ?
    Can able to deliver in india
    State gujrat or Maharashtra
    City Mumbai
    What’s transportation and installation cost will be increase ?

  3. What’s the use of cheap houses if the land itself is unaffordable?
    If you have the land in LA I believed you wouldn’t be limited by a budget constraint of 50k.

  4. If these could be made without plastics and concrete while having off-grid features, they would become a huge game-changer in the housing industry!

  5. Great to see new approaches to solving the housing problem.. it looks like you have a lot of cost in those hinges and materials that are used to make the house possible to build ina factory but the hinges will basicaly be used only once

  6. Kinda half-baked. Two story version has no stairs or even opening to get to second floor. No hints on how water/sewer/electrical connections are done. I assume they are connected under kitchen/bath portion, but then it would take folding the thing up and a crane to access.

  7. I wonder what their U-Value might be and if there is any sound protection at all with these walls. Then again, the US-American building standard is not comparable to the European, so in this market this might just be a normal house just like any other.

  8. would like to understand the water ingress resistance and wind resistivity into all the seams and joins – it looks great for a sunny clime – but a wet and windy moment may cause issues? – the incorporation of Solar cells to the roof and water capture and storage concerns would be the needed addition to make this a very viable option = but the basic models – for homelessness and tiny house/downsizers – would end rough-sleeping as we know it…abolish the tent cities and make communities for people who are presently dispossessed…take note ye city planners!!!

  9. Great concept. What really makes things difficult here in the UK is land prices. Going it alone it would be impossible for someone like me on average income to even afford one of these and also pay for a plot of land. Then there is the headache of planning permission and if the neighbours want this type of property near to them. It would really have to blend in with the local vernacular.

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