Full-size living in a Tiny Home! Gourmet kitchen & a king-size stand-up loft for grown-ups!

#IRTHome36 “Sweet Melissa” is finished!
It’s a 36′ long x 10’4″ wide #RamblerFloorPlan

Upgrades to this home include:
👉Deluxe Loft with 6’4″ head clearance
👉Larger kitchen & cabinetry package
👉Full- propane range with built-in Griddle
👉Custom vent hood
👉Quartz Countertops
👉Dining Bar for 3
👉Built-in Bluetooth speaker system in the bedroom & main living
👉Painted Shiplap Interior Wallboards
👉Larger mini-split system with 2 interior heads
👉Glass Shower Door + Faux Tile Shower Liner
👉Vessel Sink
👉Tankless hotwater heater
👉Connections for separate Washer & Dryer
👉Full-Light Outswing Door with Blinds in the Glass
👉Extra Built-In Storage in Bath & Bedroom
👉Upgraded Vinyl Floor Tiles
👉Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for extra structural strength, better insulation and 10% overall weight reduction

Square footage is approximately 360 sq. ft & weight is about 19,000 lbs.

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Why don’t we post the PRICE of our homes?
Materials’ costs have been changing RAPIDLY since 2020, so within a week of posting a price it will be out of date.

The best way to see the most current pricing is to visit the Pricing Tool on our website. (Link below).

To see the current move-in-ready price of this size & floor plan with standard features:
Choose a 36’ Tiny Home on Wheels
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+ Deluxe Loft/Storage Upgrade
+ 36′ SIPs Upgrade
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We are a fully custom home builder so we can create the tiny home of your dreams!

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We’ve been building professionally since 2005.
We built our first Tiny Home in a in 2009 and moved into Tiny Homes on Wheels in 2017.

Indigo River is a veteran & family owned & operated business. We can build you the best custom THOW or Tiny Home shell in Texas!

Or purchase our Tiny Home Plans to take to your favorite builder!

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  1. The door to the outside should open in or use a different hinge. This door could be removed in minutes because the hinge bolts are on the outside.

  2. I can truly say you are my favorite builder for tiny homes. I cannot wait till I can make plans to get one for myself. Very beautiful home. I absolutely love it!😊❤

  3. This is the 1st tiny home I actually love just because of how big and confortable the kitchen is to cook since I am a cook and love it I need a BIG kitchen. I don’t know if the bedroom bed is too tall. I would need a little but more close for my cloth.😁 Vut for being a tiny home I REALLY LOVED IT.

  4. How much does this home run approximately and then if you don’t wanna wall a unit like upstairs can you lower that bad down a little bit because by the time we get your mattress it comes up to that height that you have it presently and then can you have it where you can walk around it to make your beds for a queen size all the way around instead of the way you have it all the way to the wall? I like your house I like a lot about it the drawers underneath the cabinets the container in the front as well as the back very soundproof very insulated what type of insulation do you use if you were building it for a person in Ohio because I get cold very easily so I’d like to try and catch something maybe a little more insulated than maybe most people or standard let’s put it that way? Viewing the cost on at all and having a regular stove as well as a refrigerator I can or cannot go without the dishwasher I’ve done dishes all my life so once I had a dishwasher it wasn’t very long either. So I’m used to washing dishes so that doesn’t bother me. And I need senior risers on your steps which are like every 2 to 3 inches. Is this possible could you let me know thank you.

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