Fun-loving Family Downsizes to a Bus to Live on the Road

The Millers converted a into their mobile home. They’ve been living this way for 2 years, with their three young boys (all under the age of 5).




Grady Kelneck / Song: “Take My Hand”

Peter Kuli / Song “Life Moves Pretty Fast” & “Burnin”

OmniBeats / Song “Free Instrumental Rap Beats”



  1. Love this bus!! I really like how the parents thought about giving some space to the kids with those cute cabins, usually parents just take a lots of space for themselves and let the kids sleep on the sofa(that can turn into a bed).

  2. Not everybody wonders. XD I’ve been the oldest of six kids living in a tent trailer. LOTS of sitting still interspaced with playing outside.

  3. The most practical bus conversion I have seen so far and I have seen tons of them. The conversion of the master bedroom to a school room is ingenious!

  4. Absolutely incredible bus – love the layout. Today, I started selling my stuff, gonna take awhile, but I’m selling pretty much everything. That is my first step to a different way of life.

  5. gorgeous space!! I love the L shaped couch and that your kitchen counter backs onto it so you can look out over the bus when working at the counter. I also LOVE the corner drawers! Why has no one thought of that before?!! I’ve never seen anything like them and they are brilliant!! Thanks for showing us your home. 🙂

  6. Watching this video, I am planning on living in a van for my college. But there aren’t any RV builders in my country, nor do I have ANY building experience.

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