Funky and Tiny Houses, Campers, Houseboats in Matlacha Florida

from and I spent the day funky/tiny hunting in Matlacha, Florida. Here is some of the footage I obtained condensed right down to under two minutes. Have fun watching!

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  1. Those all look like old cottage type houses. It’s hard to imagine many
    people (aside from myself and a some others) would consider building one
    that size anymore. I suppose that’s why some of them were businesses.

  2. Goshhhhhhhh … How lovely to see (even only through the eye of the person
    who took this georgous video). Matlacha is.such an amazing place. I really
    loved it…. a small Paradise in our Big World. Welllllllll… Bob, Dian
    and Ken where were ya guys…didn’t even see a snap of ya folks 🙂 Lots of
    Love and thousands of “PUSZI” … Aggie @TinyHouseTalk … thanks so much
    for bringing me wonderful memos staying at Matlacha.

  3. Okay that looks like a fun town. I live in Florida so I may have to take a
    road trip there sometime. That is a fun video, I like the music you chose.
    I love that cute little purple house on the water at about 1:14, awesome!
    Really great work! Thanks for sharing!

  4. @4evervescence glad you enjoyed it, you should def take the trip it’s a
    really cool/fun place.. very funky, as you see. lol

  5. Seems like a Fun place to live . Look at it this way..if tiny house is
    destroyed in a hurricane they can build their home back up pretty easy and
    not have to worry about fema or insurance taking months or a year to help
    you out. Great video..Thanks for posting it.

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