German Couple’s Tiny House Life in US with Baby + Creative Storage

Thanks to our video sponsor! Redeem a Harry’s Trial Set for just $3 when you go to 🪒 🏡 Maria & Tino moved Germany to the US for a job and decided to try out tiny house living. Their 26-ft tiny home features a raised living room, “flying wardrobe”, and lots of room for their new baby! Now they’re moving back to Germany to be closer to family, giving them an opportunity to promote #tinyhouses as part of the growing tiny house movement there.

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  1. Thanks again to Harry’s! Click here to redeem your Trial Set for just $3! Let us know what color razor handle you got in the comments below! 🪒 🏡Maria & Tino moved from Germany to the US for a job, giving them an opportunity to try out tiny house living. Their 26-ft, 200 sqft tiny home features a raised living room, “flying wardrobe” & lots of room for their adorable baby! 👶👉🏡 *More tiny house tours:*

    • How much are you asking for your tiny home?? Saw your youtube video tour…great small place for a single man & his small dog…

  2. Lovely couple. They bring positivity and light wherever they go. Good luck and happy for you to be back with your family! Blessings on your son, Coby.

  3. I have lived in only one house since the late 1980’s but most Americans have bought into the idea of starter home.
    Realtors make a lot of money reselling ppl homes.
    I had a sunroom built on the front, added a deck off the back and took out walls instead.

    • Bought into the idea? No, it has always been part of America from its founding… Country of immigrants and new opportunities, change has always been part of it, just more so for some than others…

  4. Amazing he and story. Can I find out if your perfect tiny home is actually for sale? I would be interested. Thank you and best of luck……..

  5. This home is delightful. Just available too soon for me. Im sure God has someone chosen for it. Keep praying you will find one another.

    Dont forget to pack your Oma’s coffee grinder.

  6. My sister just moved her family to Germany 1 month ago. They just finished their 14 day quarantine. She’s been looking for a home and said the houses there are huge. She loves it. I prefer the tiny. Least I know I can have a bed when I go visit. This tiny has a cute layout. Wish them well in returning home.

  7. I am British, and live in Germany (since 24yrs) and love the tiny house movement… But tiny houses are still not legal and it is very difficult concerning finding a parking spot in Germany … So it is still not really an option.. Sadly.

    In the UK, as in USA, people buy young, start small and build up to a big house. Hence why they own 4+ houses over there life.. Plus moving around for better jobs. That means you are not lining someone else’s pocket (which you do if you rent) .. And when old, you sell your big house, get something small and have money to live on.

    I hated coming to Germany at 24yrs old, discovering you need a min of 30% of the house/appartement price saved to buy…hence why people buy one house.. They are usually really old eg 40s when they first buy. Because they have to rent and try to save for a deposit at the same time .. Unless they have family which give them money for a deposit! Germany is a renters market.. Sadly.

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